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Dear Christians: You Are Not a Real Christian!

From now on, whenever a Christian tries to talk to you about their bullshit, we can tell them with some confidence that they are not a real Christian. All we have to do is remind them that May 21st 2011 was the Rapture and they are still here so that must mean that they were […]

What If Every Christian Disappears?

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from a Christian asking me if I would believe in fundamentalist Christianity if every Christian on Earth suddenly disappeared. The reasoning being that they were “obviously” all raptured up to Heaven, so that must be evidence that it is all true, right? I responded with a one word […]

The Christian Thing To Do

I think there seems to be some confusion. When someone does something horrible, I often hear others (even non-Christians) claim that the behavior in question wasn’t a very Christian thing to do. Have these people read the Bible? Yes, there are passages in the Bible where Jesus says to turn the other cheek, love your […]

Open For Interpretation

The Bible (or any Holy Book, really) seems to be open to lots of various interpretations. Frequently when I point out a particular issue I have with the Bible to a Christian they will inform me that I am interpreting it incorrectly. If I take a liberal view of the Bible, the fundamentalists say I […]

Christians Can’t Sin

I hear Christians tell me all the time that they are the true Christians and that other people who claim to be Christians but don’t agree with them one hundred percent are not true Christians. It’s the old “No True Scotsman” argument. Well, I searched the Bible and found that there is one very clear […]

Jesus was an Asshole

Christians seem to have the greatest public relations department. Even many atheists seem to think that Jesus was some white guy with a long beard who wandered the Middle East trying to bring about world peace. According to the Bible, Jesus was a real asshole. Sure everyone knows about the golden rule and the character […]

You Just Don’t Understand the Bible

If I had a dime for every time a Christian told me that, “You Just Don’t Understand the Bible,” I would be a rich man. Maybe they are right and I really don’t understand the Bible. That is certainly a strong possibility. I have read the Bible cover-to-cover and I have spent some time reading […]

The Bubble of Religious Belief

A recent conversation I had reminded me of one of my favorite YouTube videos by God Is Imaginary. But before I post that video, I want to talk about these bubbles a little bit. I find that most Christians think that they have the only correct answer to the religion question. Not only do most […]

The Insanity of Gay Christians

I was having a discussion yesterday with a gay Christian. He assured me that he was a liberal, progressive, person and that he too opposes the “misuse” of Christianity by politicians. The problem is that politicians aren’t “misusing” Christianity any more than he is. Here again we have liberal Christians who claim the monopoly on […]

The Persecuted Majority

So yesterday, I was talking about the importance of actor Daniel Radcliffe coming out as an atheist on my Examiner blog. I mentioned that Radcliffe’s admission may have been a career risk in come out as an atheist. One comment that a Christian made on the story was that it was more of a career […]

Monopoly on Truth

While I have talked about this topic before in my column turned blog post titled “Will the Real Christians Please Stand Up,” It seems that I have to go into a little bit more detail here. Every Christian (I can’t think of one exception) that I talk to seems to claim to have the monopoly […]

Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up

I have been known to start up debates and discussions with Christians on more than a few occasions. Some might even call it picking a fight or even a form of intellectual or spiritual bullying of those less knowledgeable about religion than I am. In any case, one drawback to doing this is that I […]

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