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Dear Christians: You Are Not a Real Christian!

From now on, whenever a Christian tries to talk to you about their bullshit, we can tell them with some confidence that they are not a real Christian. All we have to do is remind them that May 21st 2011 was the Rapture and they are still here so that must mean that they were not good enough for God to have been Raptured. Case closed!

The question of who is the real Christian has now been answered definitively and any Christian who is still here is NOT a real Christian because the Rapture happened already. That’s it, done. Harold Camping said that the Bible guaranteed it. The best part is that there is proof that some people did in fact get Raptured. How can Christians explain this:

These were real Christians who were Raptured to Heaven on May 21st 2011. So if you are still here, then you were not a real Christian. Jesus hates you! He came to you with the sword or something. Sorry Christians, you were not saved after all. Ha ha, you are going and should be going to Hell to be tortured for all eternity! How do you like them apples!

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  • kirk

    You are not a true Scotsman. A real Scotsman would have mentioned the ‘one true Scotsman’ trope.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I already have an article on that in the Atheism 101 section. But this was more fun. ;-)


  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    Jesus is such a dick! Couldn’t he wait for that poor guy to finish his last crap?

  • Leon Swart

    I’m really ashamed to even consider myself an Atheist and be in the same company as some of the idiots who write this shit. Maybe someone can tell me if this is a Christian bashing type site then I need to remove my twitter, I hate following ass holes. Learn some respect, and empathy for others and we will all be good. but act like a bunch of Christian bashing lunatics and you mark us all as non believing idiots with no moral, values and principles.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    That’s very disrespectful of you Leon. If you are a self-hating atheist who can’t tolerate someone of a differing opinion, then maybe this isn’t the right place for you. But feel free to read some of the other blog posts and the Atheism 101 series and see if they are more to your liking. No one forced you to follow me on Twitter and I pretty sure no one asked you too either. But I support everyone’s right to their own opinion however, ridiculously stupid opinions don’t get a pass from criticism and/or mockery. People have every right to believe the ridiculous and I have every right to make fun of their ridiculous beliefs.

  • http://shaunphilly.wordpress.com ShaunPhilly

    I love guys like Leon that don’t notice the tongue planted firmly in your cheek, Staks. I mean, it being in there changes how one speaks, as it were, yet he didn’t notice!

    I would say that people like him make me ashamed to be an atheist, but that would be absurd. It just tells me that there are stupid atheists.

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  • Hunter

    Wow, First off writing some 5 year kiddy fit tirade is not going to get anyone to budge from the faith. Faith and religion dont have to make sense, Staks you are a person that obviously is very logical thinks things through (besides your blogs b/c they are… nvm) (btw thank you Leon for standing up for the right thing)

    bottom line: Staks if you want to be all logical and “smart”, if each cell came from another cell where did the first cell come from, if each atom in the air came from another where did the first one come from? how did the big bang start? Where did the matter from the big bang come from??? logically evolution started by creation… bottom line

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