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What If Every Christian Disappears?

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from a Christian asking me if I would believe in fundamentalist Christianity if every Christian on Earth suddenly disappeared. The reasoning being that they were “obviously” all raptured up to Heaven, so that must be evidence that it is all true, right?

I responded with a one word answer of, “No.” First, even if the obviously ridiculous “rapture” story popularized by the Left Behind series were true, not every Christian would be raptured away. Only those “True Christians” who take the Bible as fundamentally true and as literally as the law would allow would be magically whisked away to Heaven bodily.

But I digress, if these fundamentalists suddenly disappeared, my first thought would not be, “oh, I guess they were all right and I missed the trip to magic happy-land.” It would probably be closer to, “I knew fundamentalist Christianity was a suicide cult.” I would look for the most naturalistic explanation that would fit with the observations and facts. In this case, mass suicide would make much more sense than magic happy-land.

But let’s say that after analyzing the data, it was clear that it was not suicide and was in fact some unexplained mystery. I would still consider alien abduction before raptured to Heaven. But let’s rule that one out and say that it all the evidence some how indicated the raptured to Heaven conclusion (how I don’t know). Would I believe?

I guess I would believe, but I still wouldn’t follow. The God in which these fundamentalist Christians worship is immoral and no magic sign would convince me to worship such a being. If such a deity wants me to worship him, he has already proven that he is not worthy. The desire for worship is vain and unbecoming a just deity.

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