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In Defense of Chick-Fil-A

I have been boycotting Chick-Fil-A since the early 2000s. Back then, I did a radio show on WCUR 91.7FM and I not only devoted a whole show on Chick-Fil-A, but I also talked about it every week for quite a while. I should also add that I love fast food and would probably be one […]

Romney’s VP Pick

Last night, my friend Dusty Smith made a great point on his Facebook status. But before I get into that, I want to talk about what demographic Romney needs to satisfy in order for him to get the support of his base. The fact is that like McCain, Romney needs to pick someone who is […]

Breaking News: Chick-Fil-A Hates Gays

Every few years and now, every few months I see an article being passed around with the breaking news that Chick-Fil-A donated money to an anti-gay group. Then I see the stream of comments from people who are shocked by this. Really? Are these the same people that were shocked by Elton John came out […]

Progressive Christians Don’t Understand Why They Are Hateful

Today’s blog post follows from yesterday’s blog post. In the comments section of the Think Christian article, one Christian is ready to address the Christian problem with gays. He explains that he isn’t hateful toward gays at all and that Christians just need to communicate better. That’s all this is, a communication problem. Well, in […]

Vicarious Apologies To Gays

Nathan Albert over at “Think Christian” wrote an interesting article in which he advocates for liberal and progressive Christians to apologize to gay people on behalf of the wacko fundies. Nathan’s heart is in the right place, but he just isn’t thinking clearly about this issue. I guess he is thinking too much like a […]

Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick

I had a pretty interesting conversation at Arby’s yesterday. I was waiting for my food next to an old guy who was probably around 80. He had ordered a couple of shakes to take home for him and his wife. He was telling me that his wife likes the Jamocha shake, but he likes the […]

Obama Evolved!

I am willing to admit that I was wrong. People told me that President Obama was just waiting until his second term before he openly supports same-gender marriage and I laughed. I didn’t think he would support it until after he was out of office when there wasn’t anything he could actually do about it. […]

Atheist Exemptions

Yesterday, I wrote an Examiner article about how religious institutions are always seeking exemptions from the law. Why can’t atheists play this game too? One person commented on my article asking why we can’t have an atheist exemption from the gay marriage bans in some states. I think this is a great idea. I think […]

It’s Okay to be Takei!

Former Star Trek actor, gay activist, and Humanist George Takei has been on fire lately. When a bill was on the table in one of the southern states (I forget which one) that attempted to restrict teachers from using the word, “gay” in the classroom, George Takei stepped up with his, “It’s okay to be […]


Yesterday I wrote an Examiner article about Rabbi Yehuda Levin’s claim that homosexuality caused the East Coast Earthquake. So today I was thinking about Jen McCreight’s boobs… I mean boobquake and thought maybe we need a gayquake to try to prove Rabbi Levin’s theory before we go and teach it alongside the scientific Theory of […]

Christians Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have Families

Once again I am on my rant about taking the fight to the religious and playing their games on them for a change. This time, I think we should force Christians to stop calling their blood kin “family.” They can use some other name, but I don’t think they can call it “family.” According to […]

The Elephant in the Rainbow Room

On Friday, New York passed and signed into law a gay marriage bill. The interesting thing is that the bill almost didn’t pass. It seems that religious groups led by the Catholic Church were lobbying pretty hard against allowing gays to marry. It has never been clearer that religion is the primary force against equal […]

The Fight for Gay Marriage

Yesterday, I attended my third gay marriage. While it wasn’t legal, no police came in to break up the festivities either. But since the couple have a baby daughter, it would be nice if they had the legal protection that straight couples have for our children. Currently, gay marriage isn’t legal in the state of […]

Sojourners Exposed

Recently, Sojourner’s Magazine refused to run an advertising campaign which welcomes gays. Sojourners Magazine is supposed to be the liberal good guy Christians, so a lot of people seem to be shocked by their position on this issue. Jim Wallis is the founder of Sojourner’s Magazine and their principle spokes person and decision maker. While […]

Word Games with the Religious Right

I recently read an article by a fellow Atheist Examiner, Hugh Kramer. In the article, Hugh makes a great point about the ridiculous word games fundamentalist Christians play when they say that the phrase, “Separation of Church & State” is not in the Constitution. Of course these religious right politicians and believers are correct. The […]

Civil Unions

Over the weekend, two of my friends got married… I mean Civil Unioned. This was the second Civil Union I’ve attended. While everyone had a great time and I am very happy for my friends, I can stop thinking about the fact that technically they are not actually married. While they have most of the […]

Doctor No Says Yes on Proposition 8

There are a lot of Libertarian atheists out there for some bizarre reason. Many worship Congressman Ron Paul the way Christians worship Jesus even though Congressman Paul considers America to be a Christian Nation. I wonder what these Libertarians think about Paul’s position on Proposition 8. Libertarians always tell me that they want government out […]

How Do You Like This Proposition?

I am really getting tired of always being on the defensive. Why is it that the Religious Right are always trying to make these ridiculous laws and we are always trying to stop them? I think it is time we go on the offensive for a change. Dangerous Talk has obtained this video (from YouTube) […]

Review: The Education of Shelby Knox

Over the weekend I watched a documentary titled: The Education of Shelby Knox. The documentary is about a teenaged girl’s attempt to bring comprehensive sex education to the fundamentalist controlled city of Lubbock, Texas. Shelby Knox is a Christian. Her whole family is Christian and the film portrays the city as being almost entirely fundamentalist […]

Log Cabin Atheists

Many well reasoned atheists disagree on issues of taxation, foreign policy, states rights, etc. So I can understand why not all atheists are politically active and that all the atheists that are politically active may not all be Democrats. But what I can’t understand is how any well reasoned atheist could possibly be a Republican. […]

The Insanity of Gay Christians

I was having a discussion yesterday with a gay Christian. He assured me that he was a liberal, progressive, person and that he too opposes the “misuse” of Christianity by politicians. The problem is that politicians aren’t “misusing” Christianity any more than he is. Here again we have liberal Christians who claim the monopoly on […]

Homosexual Loophole in the Bible

Fundamentalist Christians love to talk about how homosexual behavior is an “abomination.” They are always talking about how God loves everyone, but hates that gay people engage in gayness. It is the whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” thing which just seems to look a lot like hating the sinner in most of these […]

Future Christians on Homosexuality

If you were to take a poll of Christians from 1700 years ago, I bet that about 95-98 percent of those polled probably couldn’t have a problem with slavery. If that same poll were taken 1000 years ago, the results probably wouldn’t change all that much. 200 years ago, that number would probably be closer […]

The Danger of Lip Service

For a long time now, the Democratic Party Leadership has held the dogmatic view that they believe that “marriage should be between a man and a woman.” During the 2008 Presidential campaign every Democratic candidate echoed those words with the exception of the two long shot candidates Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. While most people […]

Gay Marriage is Destroying Christianity

Last year when the whole Proposition 8 campaign was in full swing, all the fundamentalist religious groups raised record amounts of money. Just to give you an idea of what record amounts of money looks like, here are the top two fundamentalist groups: Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) – $278.7 MILLION Dollars Focus On The Family […]

Gay Marriage and Atheism

While there is no religion of atheism nor is there a doctrine of atheism to which all atheists need to subscribe to, many atheists have united together and formed freethought and humanistic communities which promote rational thinking, education, and reason over superstition. Because of the emphasis on rational thought and education it is not a […]

Same Gender Relationships

Today, the California Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in the Proposition 8 case with a decision set to come in 90 days. Back when I was in college, a gay friend of mine was putting on an educational program called “Homosexuality and Spirituality.” This was the second time that she was putting on […]

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