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Progressive Christians Don’t Understand Why They Are Hateful

Today’s blog post follows from yesterday’s blog post. In the comments section of the Think Christian article, one Christian is ready to address the Christian problem with gays. He explains that he isn’t hateful toward gays at all and that Christians just need to communicate better. That’s all this is, a communication problem. Well, in a sense he is correct, but not in the way that he thinks.

You see, this Christian thinks that if they can just communicate better the problem will be solved. The message he wants to communicate is that while homosexuality is an evil, immoral, sin, being gay is perfectly fine… as long as gays don’t act gay and have homosexual sex. It’s the old, hate the sin, love the sinner routine.

The communication problem however is ours. We have to communicate to these Christians that the Bible is wrong and that homosexuality isn’t evil or immoral. I don’t care what God says, God doesn’t exist and even if he did, he would be wrong on this issue! The God of the Bible says a lot of things that no one follows today because they are ridiculously stupid. We really need to get these so-called progressive Christians to admit that no divine beings were consulted in the writing of their holy book. Once they admit that, then they can say that the Bible was wrong about homosexuality and still go about turning the other cheek.

I have no problem picking and choosing what parts of the Harry Potter series I like and which parts I don’t like. I can do this because I know that the author wasn’t the perfect creator of the universe. I can do the same thing with the Bible, which believe it or not does have some good stuff in it. I don’t have to accept that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by death or that women should be considered property or that genocide is okay as long as the people being killed believe in a different God or that kids deserve to be ripped apart by bears because they called a priest baldy in order to accept that Golden Rule may not be the best rule in the world, but it is at least a pretty good guide.

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