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Word Games with the Religious Right

I recently read an article by a fellow Atheist Examiner, Hugh Kramer. In the article, Hugh makes a great point about the ridiculous word games fundamentalist Christians play when they say that the phrase, “Separation of Church & State” is not in the Constitution.

Of course these religious right politicians and believers are correct. The phrase, “Separation of Church & State” or “Wall of Separation” are not in the Constitution. But the concept behind those words very much is in the Constitution; mainly in the First Amendment. This is obvious to any one who reads the Constitution but the religious right wants to play word games.

Okay, let’s play word games. The Bible never says, “Jesus is God.” That isn’t in the Bible. Don’t take my word for it; I dare anyone to find that phrase in the Bible. It isn’t there. The Bible never says “Homosexuality is a sin.” In fact, the term “homosexual” or even “gay” doesn’t even appear in the Bible at all. The Bible also never says, “Rape is immoral.” That might be why Republicans in Congress are currently trying to change the definition of rape… I’m just say’n.

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