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Harry Potter is Imaginary

I was debating with a Potter-Head yesterday and he kept insisting that the reason I don’t believe that Harry Potter is real is because I am a muggle. He told me that he is hoping that someone in the Ministry of Magic reveals the Truth to me about the wizarding world someday.

I pointed out that the author of the popular book series said herself that the books are fiction. He just laughed and said that she didn’t really right the books. He claimed that someone inside the Ministry of Magic wrote them, but that a Death Eater released it to the muggle world. He went on to say that Harry Potter himself cast a spell on J.K. Rawling so that she would believe she wrote it as fiction.

He had a rationalization for everything. If he didn’t have an answer, he would fall back to claiming that it was magic or that a muggle couldn’t understand what goes on in the wizarding world.

It was ridiculous. Of course, it was no more ridiculous than conversations I have with Christians. In fact, the only real differences between the two are that at least the Harry Potter series was well written and entertaining. Oh, and the moral value to the stories are much better too.

Why should anyone take claims by Christians any more seriously than we take claims that Harry Potter is real?

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