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Why Don’t Christians Believe In Harry Potter?

Over the weekend, the latest Harry Potter movie came out. While I will hopefully be seeing it later in the week, it did remind me of a conversation I had with a fundamentalist Christian friend. In the conversation, he demanded that I tell him why I don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Before answering his question, I asked him why he didn’t believe in Harry Potter.

I know it sounds silly, but it really is a valid question when you think about it. Both are characters in a series of books. There is absolutely no evidence that either exists or existed, and there is a convenient way to explain that lack of evidence.

For Christians, there is no evidence for Jesus because that would somehow negate free will. Belief in Jesus must be through faith, not evidence so God through his divine power and plan made sure there was no evidence for any of the miracles of Jesus. The fact that there are no contemporary accounts of Jesus must just be part of God’s divine plan.

As for Harry Potter, he lives in the Wizarding World which is shielded from Muggles (us) through magic. The Ministry of Magic is made up of some of the most powerful wizards and they have to make sure that their existence is hidden from the Muggles. So of course there is no evidence for Harry Potter’s existence in the Muggle world.

Okay, it is true that we know that a woman named J.K. Rowling wrote the books and that she claims they are fiction. But who is to say that someone from the Ministry of Magic didn’t put a spell on her making her say that? The authors of the Bible on the other hand are largely unknown. We know that Paul wrote much of the New Testament, but we also know that much of the Bible has been changed over time. For the record, Paul never claimed to have met Jesus (at least not in the flesh) and that the Gospels which do claim first hand encounters with Jesus were not even written by who they claim to be written by. Doesn’t that make their accounts just a little suspect?

My point here is that there is just as much evidence and reason to believe in Harry Potter than there is to believe in Jesus. So why don’t Christians believe in Harry Potter?

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  • Badger3k

    You can also use the converse when they ask “Why do you hate God?” I’m sure some would say they do hate Harry because he uses witchcraft and drives children from Jesus (although this is probably extremely rare – most will say they hate the series, if they do).

    I prefer to use the Santa Gambit, but Harry Potter is actually a better analogy, since there is more written on him. Although, the way I hear it, Santa did meet KISS, which is something Harry Potter never did.

  • Chris

    give it 1500 years when the source can be separated from the author.

  • Matt

    “The fact that there are no contemporary accounts of Jesus must just be part of God’s divine plan.”

    What does that even mean? Contemporary accounts? You mean secular accounts? It would be kind of hard for there to be contemporary accounts of a guy 2000 years ago…..

    The authors of the Bible are not largely unknown…the only things that have “been changed” over time only add analogy, nothing significant changed, so thats pretty irrelevant. Since you just say stuff that isn’t true without citing anything, I’ll just say your wrong without citing anything.

    Read “The testimony of the evangelists” by Simon Greenleaf and then tell me there is no evidence, and then we can throw out every court decision ever made.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Contemporary accounts are accounts from people who were contemporaries of the subject. In this case Jesus. There are no accounts from anyone who lived while Jesus was alive which refer to Jesus. The Gospels are from unknown authors so we have no idea if they are contemporary or not. Paul only claimed to meet Jesus after he was dead. Josephus was born at least 30 years after Jesus was alleged to be dead. I could of course go on, but what would be the point.

    Significant portions of the Gospel of John and Mark were added to the Gospels much later. Including but not limited to the parable of glass house throwing stones. Hardly insignificant. Source for that is Misquoting Jesus by Bart Erhman and he has heavily documented this. Also, you can read the oldest known copy of the Bible yourself now online. I have an Examiner article about it. So feel free to read it for yourself.

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