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‘Humans Poison Everything’

Yesterday I was watching part of the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Intelligent Design proponent Dr. William Demski of the “Discovery Institute” (which for the record has yet to discover anything). In any case, Demski made a particular claim that many other Christian make, but not as forcefully as Demski did. He stated that “Humans poison everything.”

This was obviously a play on the subtitle of Hitchens’s book God is Not Great: How Religious Poisons Everything. But Demski’s remark really does cut right to the center of the Christian/Humanist divide.

You see, Christianity sets up a dilemma and then offers the only solution. The dilemma is you! According to the Christian belief system people are inherently evil. We live in a “fallen world” as Demski put it.

As a Humanist, I reject this view. I am not claiming that people are perfect, but I am claiming that people aren’t evil. The way I see it, we are all trying to be the heroes in our own story, but get sidetracked along the way. Often times we do bad things not because we are evil, but because it is sadly all we know. We observe others doing bad things and so we get conditioned into thinking that it isn’t that bad if everyone else is doing it too.

The point is that people don’t generally go around thinking, “What evil deed can I do today?” The issue between Christians and Humanists is a matter of focus. I see the glass as half full, while Christians see the glass as completely empty.

Then they pull out the old, but God loves us even though we are the most repulsively evil creatures imaginable. They often belief that this gives even more praise to their deity, but in reality it just shows how incompetent their god really is to have created such evil creatures when he perfectly planned to create the perfect creatures. But it isn’t God’s fault that you are an evil sinner, it is our fault because Adam ate an apple (yes I know it wasn’t literally an apple).

The point of this elaborate story is that Christians are self-hating. They don’t just hate themselves though, they also hate you. “Humans poison everything” as Demski put it.
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