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Thankful To You

Thanksgiving is a few days away and that means for many atheists an uncomfortable long weekend with religious family members. The question is always the same, how vocal should an atheist be during Thanksgiving?

I’m pretty lucky in that my family pretty much knows where I stand and expects me to be vocal. Most of them aren’t even all that religious any more. So for me, I will be enjoying the long weekend and taking a break from Dangerous Talk stuff until Monday. I will however be posting a few new articles on Examiner over the break including one about Thanksgiving.

But many atheists aren’t as lucky as I am. Many have very deeply religious family members and it may be considered rude to vocalize their disbelief about religious matters. I wish I could just tell those in that situation to always be vocal despite the appearance of rudeness. After all it is the religious who are the ones who are rude enough to assume everyone worship as they do. However, that is not a reality. In some cases the consequences far outweigh the principle. Each situation is different and every atheist has to make that judgment call as they see fit. Still, I would be curious to know how some of you deal with such situations, so please feel free to comment and leave your stories here.

This Thanksgiving I really would like to thank all of you who continue to read, comment, and share my blog posts and Examiner stories. It really does mean a lot to me and I couldn’t ask for a better audience. I would especially like to thank those who donate financially to Dangerous Talk. Those donations really do help keep the site running. Those who have donated this year will also be put on a special holiday card list. That means that you will get a specially made Dangerous Talk holiday card guaranteed to offend most theists.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day, and Happy Tofurkey Day.

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