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The Elephant in the Rainbow Room

On Friday, New York passed and signed into law a gay marriage bill. The interesting thing is that the bill almost didn’t pass. It seems that religious groups led by the Catholic Church were lobbying pretty hard against allowing gays to marry. It has never been clearer that religion is the primary force against equal rights for gays. Religion is the elephant in the rainbow room.

With that in mind, I really can’t understand how anyone who supports equal rights for gays can possibly be religious. It isn’t like these are some religious extremists that were lobbying against gay marriage. No, these were the mainstream religious institutions that were putting pressure on lawmakers.

In fact, these mainstream religious groups put so much pressure on lawmakers that attached to the gay marriage bill is a provision that will all religious institutions and even religious believers to be able to continue to discriminate and be hateful toward gays. This religious exemption is lays bare the evil that is religion.

How is it that these religious institutions have become so involved in politics that they can put so much pressure on lawmakers and still not be taxed as the corporate lobbyists that they are? The Catholic Church has even threatened to bar all politicians who supported equal rights for gays from going to their churches and from going to Catholic schools to educate children.

That last part is important to think about. The Catholic Church feels so strongly in their hate of gays that they would use children’s educational opportunities to blackmail politicians. That strategy was effective enough to get the religious exemption bill passed. Make no mistake religion is a force of evil in the world. Anyone who supports equal rights for gays should not support the Catholic Church or any other religious institution that has become an obstacle to equal rights.

Personally, I can’t understand how anyone can support the Catholic Church in light of their pedophile priest problem. Even dollar that goes to the Catholic Church is a dollar toward the legal defense fund of pedophiles.

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