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How Do You Like This Proposition?

I am really getting tired of always being on the defensive. Why is it that the Religious Right are always trying to make these ridiculous laws and we are always trying to stop them? I think it is time we go on the offensive for a change.

Dangerous Talk has obtained this video (from YouTube) of Religious Right’s Tamara Scott talking about how we ought to enact Biblical Law and how gay marriage costs tax payers 280 billion dollars according to the fair and balanced Family research Council:

Well, I know of something that costs tax payers a whole lot more that 280 billion dollars a year. It’s called Church Tax-Exemptions and Faith Based Initiatives. Why haven’t we pushed Proposition 666 which would tax all Churches and end federal funding for Faith Based Initiatives? Oh I know, it wouldn’t pass, right?

So what? The fact is that just pushing such a proposition would cause these groups to go on the defensive. Maybe they will think it won’t pass either and not campaign hard against it and be surprised at how many Americans are tired of Churches getting away with all this stuff.

The Mormon Church funded most of the Proposition 8 campaign, why have they not lost their tax-exempt status for political activism? The Catholic Church fucks kids; you would think that would be enough to get their tax-exempt status revoked. Some fundamentalist churched are actually praying for the death of the President and they don’t even have to pay taxes.

I want to push some propositions against these people. It’s time to go on the offensive. Contact your representatives (state and federal) and tell them it is time to fight back against the Religious Right!

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  • KaduiSaui

    I agree with you %100. I am afraid of the religious right and what they are capable of.

  • SmilodonsRetreat

    Just them asking about it was a serious breach of duty. if it was a business, then it would probably be an actionable event (meaning you could sue). I’m not sure how that would apply to something like this… but you might contact some of the various orgs that deal directly with this (FFRF and ACLU).

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      Normally, this is an elected position in which case anything goes. However, since it was to fill a vacancy and only the Board could vote, I think the case could be made that a religious test was imposed. But I’m not sure.

  • Minh Dao

    Contact groups like the FFRF and AU4Sep. File reports with them and let the experts investigate. If they find anything, they’ll come to you about filing a lawsuit for SOCAS violations. And then you have the option to force the school board to follow the law.

  • Janice Rael

    Americans United is looking for people in your position. https://www.au.org/content/operation-inclusion

  • http://www.atheistrev.com/ vjack

    Asking you about your religious beliefs (e.g., “Are you an atheist?”) probably would be a no-no. At least, I know we aren’t allowed to do it. But due to what the Internet search turned up, it doesn’t sound like they had to ask. I would think it would be tough to demonstrate that your atheism played a part in their decision even though it sounds like it probably did. It seems like you’d need to be able to demonstrate that they went with someone who was less qualified, but I’m really not sure.