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Supremely Skeptical

Yesterday, the United States Senate confirmed this nation’s newest Supreme Court Justice, Elana Kagan. But while many of my progressive and freethinker friends are celebrating, I remain skeptical.

For starters, the Court is still middle of the road at best. We have four extremely right wing Justices who will nine times out of ten support the Religious Right on any and all issues that they bring forth. It is all but certain that they will vote to overturn Proposition 8 for example. Then you have five middle of the road Justices any one of which might support the Religious Right if a seemingly strong argument can be made.

There really isn’t a strong progressive Justice to make those strong arguments that might sway the middle of the road Justices. Kagan, is known for being very vocal as is Sotomayor, but will they make strong progressive arguments? It doesn’t seem like they will.

At best the Court is still exactly where it was under Bush and at worst, the absence of Justice Stevens weakens the Jeffersonian Wall. Stevens didn’t just rule to support separation of church and state, he was a strong advocate for that position. Hopefully Kagan will be as strong of an advocate. But that is by no means certain. In the end, time will be the ultimate judge of Obama’s Supreme Court picks.

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  • SmilodonsRetreat

    Just another God of the Gaps type discussion. It’s god until we understand it well enough to explain it and control it. Tornadoes are fine, because we can’t control them. Plague of locusts… not so much anymore. We can deal with those (mostly).

    What happened to the good old days of things that were obviously signs from god… rivers of blood, the sun stopping, curing death. All that stuff.

    Just like isn’t it interesting that god only cures easily treatable diseases or diseases that can go into spontaneous remission. God never cures amputees or (instantly) trauma victims. You show me a church where there is no one on crutches, ill, has cancer, or even a minor booboo and you’ll go along way to providing some evidence for god. That’s not on any one day, bust constantly!

  • Leviticus 1:12

    Silly, diseases are cured by casting out demons. Duh. ;)

  • http://www.techthoughts.net/ Daniel Bastian

    It was critical thinking like this that led me far, far away from faith and into the loving arms of reason. Good post.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/SamsRetroTV Sam’ Classic TV(Samuel Paxton)