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Picnics of Reason

It has been a busy weekend and I will take a few days to talk about everything. Today, I want to talk about the Lehigh Valley Humanist picnic featuring Sam Singleton atheist evangelist… sort of.

I think it is really important for people or reason to have summer picnics. It gives us a chance to hang out and talk. While some of those conversations tend to discuss religion since our unity is centered on our lack of belief, we also talk about other topics too. It is good to know that we can discuss other topics with people who value reason over faith.

At the Lehigh Valley Humanist picnic for example, I got into conversations about politics, science, philosophy, book publishing, and of course the future of the greater atheist movement. Unlike Church conversations, atheists tend not to agree on every issue. This makes conversations more interesting since we get into sometimes heated conversations without resorting to faith or to “that’s what I believe” type bullshit. Everyone is trying to be reasonable and to make their points while willing to change their position if the evidence is convincing enough.

Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist was originally supposed to perform at the PhillyCoR picnic a few weeks ago, but his tour had to be re-scheduled. While there was no way to make up the PhillyCoR picnic he was able to schedule the Lehigh Valley Humanist picnic instead. Unfortunately, between Rosco’s car breaking down and getting lost, he came very late to the picnic.

Finally, Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist made it to the picnic and performed a small part of “Patriarchs and Penises.” Sam even ate a baby. It was a fun time and I think more atheist groups should have summer picnics and just casual gatherings just to hang out.

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