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New Atheist Community Forming

Social media is a big thing these days. Facebook and Twitter have become missive hubs of global communication. Not surprisingly, atheists tend to have a larger than proportional presence on these mediums. Atheists dominate the internet. Now there is a new social network that atheists need to take over.

I recently joined a website called Empire Avenue. This social media outlet allows people to buy and sell stock in each other. By linking your facebook, twitter, and blog to your page, Empire Avenue is able to measure your influence on the interwebs. This makes your stock more valuable.

Empire Avenue is like a game, but it also is a networking and promotional tool. The more your stock is worth; the more people will want to see what you are up too.

The site is pretty new and already an atheist community is forming on there. But we are not alone. Christians are also on the site. In any case, I have been on this site for a few days to check it out and I really like it. So I would like to recommend that atheists join the site and join the atheist group there. We can join each other’s facebook and twitter pages and check out each other’s blogs and youtube channels. We can also make fake money and have lots of fun. My stock name on there is: STAKS – so buy my stock with your fake money when you join the site. 😉

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