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Christians Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have Families

Once again I am on my rant about taking the fight to the religious and playing their games on them for a change. This time, I think we should force Christians to stop calling their blood kin “family.” They can use some other name, but I don’t think they can call it “family.”

According to the dictionary, a family is “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.” There is nothing about Gods in that definition. If a God is the head of your home, then that cannot be called a family. I don’t think we should have to change the traditional definition of family to include deities just because 80% of the country belief in that a deity rules over them.

So in the spirit of separate but equal, I think Christians need to use some other name for their blood kin if they want to hold that their deity is the head of every home. We have to push for an Amendment to the Constitution that will protect the definition of traditional family (which does not include deities). Christians should have to be forced to fight legal battles in every state in order to be recognized as having a family.

This would be great for business too. No family plans for Christians means that they would have to pay more for services that offer such plans. Cell phone would make much more profits and according to religious right mentality, would obviously trickle those profits down and expand their companies and hire new people. It’s a win/win.

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  • dlevitt

    I would support a Christian breeding ban. That initiative alone would rid the world of 90% of it’s problems in less than 10 years time.