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Romney’s VP Pick

Last night, my friend Dusty Smith made a great point on his Facebook status. But before I get into that, I want to talk about what demographic Romney needs to satisfy in order for him to get the support of his base. The fact is that like McCain, Romney needs to pick someone who is religious. Well, there is one candidate for him that is perfect.

Romney famously defended the Citizens United ruling by saying, “Corporations are people, my friend.” Dusty made the point that with this twisted logic Romney should pick a corporation for his running-mate. It makes perfect sense if Romney really wants to advance the idea that corporations are indeed people and what well known corporation could appeal to the religious? Chick-Fil-A of course.

Their slogan could be, “The Chicken Hawk and The Chicken Sandwich.” This could also be an attack on Michelle Obama’s eat healthy campaign. In any case, I took the liberty of making a bumper sticker.

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