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The Christian Thing To Do

I think there seems to be some confusion. When someone does something horrible, I often hear others (even non-Christians) claim that the behavior in question wasn’t a very Christian thing to do. Have these people read the Bible?

Yes, there are passages in the Bible where Jesus says to turn the other cheek, love your enemy, and do unto others. What most people seem to forget however is that there are also passages in the Bible in which Jesus says to hate your family, pluck out your eyes, cut off your hands, follow him or to Hell with you… literally, non-Jews are swine, etc. And that is just the New Testament.

The fact is that murdering someone because they are gay IS the Christian thing to do. Going around and calling people one disagrees with “swine” IS the Christian thing to do.

It seems like there is some confusion even among non-Christians about exactly what the Bible says. So whenever you hear someone say that some abhorrent behavior isn’t very “Christ-like,” I hope you will take the opportunity to explain to them exactly what the Bible says and why anyone with any shred of morality would reject such a hate-filled holy book.

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