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How Little Does One Need to Believe to be a Believer?

Unlike most Christians, I have actually read the Bible… all of it. While there are a few positive things in the Bible, most of it is very poorly thought out and very immoral. In fact, you would not be able to find a single person who believes in everything the Bible says and yet you have a whole lot of people who swear they are Christians. So I have to ask, how little does one need to believe to be considered a believer?

Yesterday, every atheist in the country wrote about the new Pew Research survey that showed that atheists know more about religion than the religious. I commented on it on my Examiner page. After taking the 32 question quiz, I got 29 correct (9 above the atheist average and 12 above the average fundamentalist Christian). I often ask professed Christians why don’t give away all their money like Jesus told them to do. Why don’t they stone adulterers, disobedient children, gays, and atheists?

Some Christians tell me that I am taking the Bible too literally while others try to find Bible based loopholes to get around they lack of faith. Ultimately, I don’t have a problem with Christians not following the Bible, but I just want to know how little does one need to follow in order to call themselves a Christian.

Some Christians have told me that the only thing that is required is to believe that Jesus Christ is their lord and savior and I have even meet some Christians who don’t even believe that. In other words, one could ignore all of the Bible and still be considered a Christian. So it seems that one doesn’t have to believe any of the Bible and still consider themselves a Christian.

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