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What Does God Care About?

Religious believers often claim that God doesn’t care about material possessions. Many fundamentalists claim that God doesn’t care about works. So what does an all powerful God what’s he care about?

Of course most Christians will give you the standard line. We are all evil sinner and don’t deserve to be rewarded in Heaven. God saves us through his grace… wait for it… only if we believe in him and accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior.

Basically, the only thing God cares about is for one species of animal on one insignificant plant to worship him based on insufficient reason and in the face of a ridiculous lack of evidence. God want people to love him for being a jerk and will even threaten you with eternal torture if you don’t love him.

Obviously, this is a made up story created by people who lack imagination. There is no God so it really is moot to ask what he cares about. But I am trying to see this through the eyes of a Christian and it still doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone worship such a self-absorbed asshole?

This is one of the reasons why I often tell Christians that I wouldn’t be a Christian even if they could prove the existence of their God… and fir the record, they can’t even do that.

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