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Mommy Porn and Temptation

I follow a liberal Christian woman on YouTube named MJ and she recently posted a video about a blog post she wrote that got a lot of attention. I didn’t really know she had a blog, but now I do. The post was her criticism of what has been dubbed, “Mommy Porn” (totally not what […]

Fundamentalists in Disguise

Every once in a while, I find a fundamentalist pretending to be an atheist or at the very least they are trying to fool atheists into coming to their website. The one that comes to mind most is Mariano Grinbank. His website is called, “TrueFreethinker.com” Grinbank also writes for Examiner as the “Christian Apologetics Examiner.” […]

I Don’t Judge But My Invisible Dragon Thinks You’re a Dick

I really do hate when religious believers tell me that they don’t judge people and then proceed to call those who don’t believe in their ridiculous beliefs evil sinners. When I call them out on it, they inform me that they aren’t calling me an evil sinner, God is through the Bible. Well shit, that’s […]

Christianity Is a Religion of Hate

The central message of the Christian religion is that all humans are evil sinners and deserve to be tortured for all eternity. While Christianity does offer the only solution to the problem that it creates in the form of vicarious redemption in Jesus Christ, there is no escaping the first part of this proposition. I […]

Devil’s Due

Image via Wikipedia A number of years ago, I met a young Christian who was telling me his story about how he used to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex. He told me that his life was spiraling out of control and no one he could do could save him. Then along came Jesus […]

How Early Do Christians Teach Children To Pray?

I have a 16 month old child and the other day we were at his library program and they were singing a song about bedtime routines. Part of the routine in the song was to say your prayers. As someone who grew up in a moderately Jewish home, I am curious, how early do Christians […]

Sin and Wrongdoing

It occurred to me recently that perhaps the Christian “get out of stoning free” card might actually have a theological weakness. When asked why Christians no longer stone people for working on a Saturday, the response is usually that Jesus forgave sin an abolished the old law with his “new covenant.” Theologically speaking that is […]

The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

One of the issues that I have with the Christian system of belief is that it is very pessimistic. The attitude that it encourages is an attitude of distrust and fear. While none of this speaks to the truth value of the claims, I really don’t think it is a useful system either. At the […]

Isn’t Hell Enough?

I don’t understand why Christians believe in Earthly justice. Why send a murderer to prison for 60 or 70 years when they will be sentenced to Hell for all eternity? Isn’t Hell enough? It seems to me that from the Christian perspective, human justice is somewhat meaningless. How can evil sinful humans compete with God’s […]

The Ridiculousness of the Easter Story

Yesterday was the holiest of holy days for most Christians. The funny part is that the story they celebrated, the Easter story, really celebrates the ridiculousness of the religion. We live in a Christian dominated world, so it is safe to say that we all know the basic story. Let me just give a brief […]

Catholic Church Says Child Rape Not Immoral

Due to the recent string of scandals plaguing the Catholic Church, Vatican Biblical scholars have been studying the Bible carefully to find out God’s opinion on rape. They can’t seem to find any passage which states or infers that child rape is a sin. Earlier this morning, the Pope met in a closed door session […]

Christians Can’t Sin

I hear Christians tell me all the time that they are the true Christians and that other people who claim to be Christians but don’t agree with them one hundred percent are not true Christians. It’s the old “No True Scotsman” argument. Well, I searched the Bible and found that there is one very clear […]

Benefit of the Doubt

I have noticed that often times when I am discussing and/or debating Christians they assume the worst about me and my arguments. This I think is a symptom of their belief that humans are all evil sinners. It is hard to have a friendly conversation with someone who won’t give you the benefit of the […]

Limiting God

Christians often ask me for evidence for god’s nonexistence. Right from the start, that is a ridiculous demand. But as it turns out there is actually really strong philosophical evidence for god’s nonexistence. Christians created a God that is too perfect to exist. The Christian theologian Anselm once defined God as a being in which […]

Respect God’s Authority

Fundamental Christians often tell me that whether I believe in God or not, I will have to respect his authority. Of course, I inform them that even if their God does exist (and I am reasonably certain he doesn’t), I still see the God as portrayed in the Bible as immoral and would not follow […]

Accounting For Your Sins

If I had a penny for every time a Christian has told me that I would one day stand before God and have to account for my sins, I would be a rich person. Even after I inform the Christian that I don’t believe in God, the question is still asked as a “what if.” […]

Vicarious Redemption of Sin

A lot of times I talk about the immorality of Christianity. Most of the time, Christians and even a few atheists jump to defend Christianity by talking about various good deeds particular Christians have done and continue to do. But I wasn’t talking about Christians being immoral; I was talking about Christianity being immoral. What […]

Release Everyone from Prison!

America has a real prison problem and I have the perfect solution. You might even say that it was divinely inspired… because I got the idea from the Bible. I think we should let everyone in the prisons go and I’ll take their place. I will serve a trillion year sentence so that everyone else […]

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Why did Jesus have to die? I can image a young kid asking this question in Sunday school. The answer most commonly given is that Jesus died for our sins. He gave his life so that we can all go to Heaven… for those who believe of course. But that doesn’t really answer the question. […]

A Sin is a Sin is a Sin

One particular aspect of Religious Right Christianity which sometimes trickles into the mainstream of Christianity is the idea that all sins (or wrongs) are equal. I remember when I was younger, a Christian explained it to me with the following analogy: God is pure and can’t tolerate anything other than purity. Sin is like an […]

Hating the Sin, Not the Sinner

Since the “Four Horsemen” of atheism have had their books on the top of the charts, Christians and even some atheists claim that any atheist who criticizes Christianity or calls Christianity out for the evil that it preaches are themselves intolerant bigots. To this, I always say the same thing. I hate Christianity, not Christians. […]

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