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Isn’t Hell Enough?

I don’t understand why Christians believe in Earthly justice. Why send a murderer to prison for 60 or 70 years when they will be sentenced to Hell for all eternity? Isn’t Hell enough?

It seems to me that from the Christian perspective, human justice is somewhat meaningless. How can evil sinful humans compete with God’s perfect justice system of eternal torture for every offense and no parole? Murder a million people, Hell! Work on Saturday, Hell! Both crimes are equal in the eyes of the Lord.

Since Christians can be more than confident that God’s justice system will catch all wrongdoers, wouldn’t it be merciful to let these criminals out of prison. Shouldn’t we trust God with their fate?

If God wants to punish them in live as well as death, I am sure he would find a way to do it. I don’t think Christians ought to put their trust and faith in human justice.

As an atheist, I have no confidence in God’s justice and no faith in the judge. So I strongly support the imperfect justice systems of humans.

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