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Fundamentalists in Disguise

Every once in a while, I find a fundamentalist pretending to be an atheist or at the very least they are trying to fool atheists into coming to their website. The one that comes to mind most is Mariano Grinbank. His website is called, “TrueFreethinker.com”

Grinbank also writes for Examiner as the “Christian Apologetics Examiner.” However, I just learned that he also writes as the “Worldview and Science Examiner.” Fortunately this clown has no audience and no one takes him seriously at all. Oddly enough, despite all the other wacky Christians out there, this guy still can’t manage to find an audience.

Now, let’s look at this strategy and put it to the “Staks Test.” If we were to swap out this Christian and put some other religious group in its place, how would people react? For example, what if a Muslim were to write under the title of “Christian Examiner” and for every article, he would trash Christianity with bad arguments?

I can’t speak for all atheists, but I for one would never write with the intention of fooling Christians into thinking I was a believer just so I could refute their ridiculous beliefs. No, I’m an honest broker. I want Christians to come to my articles knowing that I don’t believe their bullshit. This way, those who have already started to question will come and see what I have to say. I don’t however have a problem with going to forums they frequent, like the religion section of the Huffington Post.

As a Christian I am sure that Grinbank believes he is doing the right thing. Even though his own Ten Commandments claims that lying or deceiving is a sin punishable by death, Christians like Grinbank believe they are forgiven from such rules because of their belief in Jesus. So they often don’t have a problem breaking their own rules if they believe it will help to spread their message.

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