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Reason Rally Draft Campaign

I’m excited about the Reason Rally on March 24th at 10am. I’m so excited that I posted my second HuffPost article on it and really pushed to get it through. I am excited to see all the guests… and not just the speakers either. However, I want more. There are several famous atheists who should be going to this event but have not yet confirmed that they will be there… to my knowledge anyway. So, let’s draft them!

Let’s start a massive grassroots campaign asking some of these celebrity atheists to come to the Reason Rally. Why should be bother? Well, if some really famous people showed up, the media would be more likely to talk about it. It brings attention to the Rally and to our movement. Plus, I would love to see some really cool famous people wandering around the National Mall.

If we are going to draft famous people or even semi-famous people, we need to find a way to contact them. Twitter is usually the best option but if someone has another avenue, let’s hear it. If you know their twitter handle, share it. The idea is to have lots of people tweet (or whatever) to that person and tell them that we want them to consider coming to the Reason Rally and include a link to the Reason Rally website (reasonrally.org).

Now, who should we draft? I have a few names, but am open to suggestions. Here is my short list:
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Bill Maher
Ricky Gervais
Howard Stern
Natalie Portman
Morgan Freeman
Jodie Foster
Adrianne Curry
Cenk Uygur
Seth McFarlane
George Takei
Hugh Laurie
Eva Green
Daniel Radcliffe
Rachel Weisz
Miley Cyrus
Pretty much almost any famous comedian

And just for kicks, Denzel Washington. 😉

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