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Mr. Phelps Goes to Washington

The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to the Reason Rally. Don’t worry; they were invited… sort of. The National Atheist Party sent them a tongue-and-cheek invitation and the WBC tweeted that they will accept that invitation.

I like this idea. First, it should be pointed out that the WBC go where the attention is. So if atheists are going to have a huge rally in DC, the WBC are going to go whether they are invited or not. No one every invites them anywhere so it isn’t like they are sitting around in Kansas waiting for invitations to be assclowns. So if they are coming anyway, why not invite them?

Inviting them sends the message that we aren’t afraid. It sends the message that we are welcoming. No one likes the Westboro Baptist Church and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Therefore most people will be more sympathetic to us just for having these clowns nearby. The general public gets to see the worst of Christianity next to the best of atheism. It’s a win/win.

Plus, we know the real reason why most of the religious don’t like the WBC anyway. You see, religious believers often call the WBC extreme, but they really aren’t that extreme when you think about it. Ask your favorite fundamentalist what part of the WBC do they disagree with. They really can’t tell you.

The fact is that most fundamentalist Christians believe that, “God hates fags.” They just don’t like how the WBC pickets funerals with the message. It isn’t that the Westboro Baptists believe something more extreme than Kirk Cameron and other fundamentalists; it is that they talk about it so openly, in your-face, at funerals, and with clownish signs.

That’s why I love the Westboro Baptist Church. They are really honest fundamentalist Christians… and yet, they are still pretty liberal by the Bible’s standard. I mean… the Bible talks about stoning gays to death. Compared to that, the Phelps are downright polite.

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