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Your Miracle

My wife and I have been watching an old short lived sci-fi show called “Jeremiah.” The show is about a post-apocalyptic world. One of the main characters in the second season claims to talk for God. He has proven himself to be a trust worthy character in all other avenues, but most people think he might be a little nuts. In any case, in one episode he tells the other main characters that God is willing to prove that he is real. If the main characters show up to a particular place at a particular time, God will grant them one miracle.

I found this pretty interesting on a few levels. First, what miracle would you ask for and would you show up? Three characters were offered this deal. The first said that he wanted to see God to give him a big fuck you personally. He didn’t show up. The second, wanted his dead loved one back, but he left early. The third wanted all guns to disappear. He also left early.

For me, I am more in line with the guy who wanted all guns to disappear, but I don’t think I would put it that way. But I think I would show up and stay the course with this. Even though I am an atheist, I would go and I would stay. Would you?

Now I know we can’t do this for every wacko who claims to speak for God, but some people are more sincere than others. In the setting of this show, this character is pretty trust worthy. He isn’t playing games and he really believes his shit. So yeah, I would show up and I would want my miracle to help all humanity. For me, I would play Pascal’s Wager on this one.

So my question to you is this. If a really trustworthy Christian friend told you that God would grant you a miracle if you showed up at a particular place at a particular time (maybe within 20 miles of your home and within a week) what would you ask for and would you go… and stay?

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