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Christian Testimonials For Christians

If you ever go into a Christian bookstore or read a Christian newspaper (yes, they do exist), it is generally filled with testimonial stories about how great their God is. But don’t Christians already know how great their God is? If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t be Christians, right? So what’s the point of these testimonials?

I know when atheists have testimonials of this sort about how we became atheists it is because we want to understand the process of how people de-converted so we can replicate that. But for Christians, God does all the work. So there is no need for such an understanding. Besides, it doesn’t really seem like that is the reason why Christians do it anyway.

Atheists also have started doing testimonials to inspire closeted atheists to come out of the closet. Christians don’t have those concerns. So what is the point of a Christian testimonial to other Christians?

The only thing I can think of is that it is a way to reinforce their belief. They have to keep reminding themselves how great their deity and their faith is because it is pretty hard to see otherwise. I see it as a form of brainwashing, but I am open to alternative explanations. I just can’t see any practical reason for it otherwise.

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  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    It’s the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes in a Christian context. There is no proof that their God exists, and the testimonials are only the squawk of those who “see” the Emperor’s clothes.

  • http://statusviatoris.wordpress.com/ Status Viatoris

    I can never get past the amount of totally meaningless rhetoric spouted by Christians, both to each other and to those they wish to convert. Apparently wishy washy nothingness is more reassuring and comforting than actual knowledge. How bloody depressing.

  • Dlevitt0508

    They have to keep reinforcing the fact of how worthless and how helpless they are without Him and how those in mental anguish or distress can enter the womb of Jesus as well and be saved from the sins of self and the world around them. See, makes you feel better just thinking about it right? Ha! Otherwise what reason would they have to believe that this is so?

  • Joao

    Why not ask a few instead of speculating? You don’t need to credit their testimonies as reality …..but it must be important to your side to present their side correctly. (Christians often misrepresent non-Christians….and it just damages their credibility).