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Christianity: The Religion of Peace

Christians are always complaining about how mean atheists are and how Christianity is a religion of peace and compassion. But this is just another Christian delusion. The fact is that the opposite is true.

It is pretty rare for atheists to threaten Christians over some expression of their religiosity. Sure, there may be atheists that do, but it is extremely rare. It is even rarer for threats to come from an atheist who is part of the greater community of reason. What do I mean by that? I once worked with a guy who was a fellow atheist, but he wasn’t knowledgeable about religion, didn’t attend any atheist groups, and was just an angry guy in general. He was not part of the greater community of reason. People who go to atheist groups or write and advocate about and for atheism tend to be humanistic and not prone to violence or to delivering threats. Atheism is just a lack of belief in gods.

On the other hand, it is not unusual at all for church going Christians to issue threats and act violently. Yesterday, I posted an article on Examiner about how Christians made threatening tweets on Twitter over an atheist hash tag.  This wasn’t an isolated incident either. Christians are always making hateful and threatening comments and actions towards atheists because we lack belief in their ridiculous deity.

The only thing Christians can do is to jump into the No True Scotsman defense. But that doesn’t really work because anyone who reads the Bible will see that it is a series of books which often advocates a great deal of violence. Sure Jesus said to love your enemy, but he also said that he didn’t come to bring peace, he came with a sword. He also advocated cutting off your hands and plucking out your eyes. The God of the Bible is over the top violent. So if he the the example that Christians want to live up to, it really is no surprise that they act so violently.

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