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The Ontological Argument for Disproving God

My fellow atheists have often stated that you can’t prove a negative. While atheists shouldn’t have to prove a negative, I do think we can actually prove a negative. Today I am going to do exactly that. Just as Anselm tried to use an Ontological argument to prove there is a god, I will use […]

Carpet Bombing Arguments

A popular Christian strategy for winning converts is basically to see how any arguments they can bombard you with in as little time as possible. The idea is to carpet bomb their mark with lots of arguments with the hope that at least one of them will resonate with their mark. On the off chance […]

Proving That God Exists

I know I am known for being a vocal atheist, but the other night I realized the proof for God that I just can’t deny. Now I know that God really does exist. So today I will show you this proof and see if anyone can disprove it. I was able to touch God, see […]

Do You Want To Believe?

In a recent discussion with a fundamentalist, the question was asked to me as to whether or not I wished that God existed or whether atheism was my desire. I thought this was an interesting question for a few reasons. To start off with, the obvious fact that ones desire for something to be true […]

Limiting God

Christians often ask me for evidence for god’s nonexistence. Right from the start, that is a ridiculous demand. But as it turns out there is actually really strong philosophical evidence for god’s nonexistence. Christians created a God that is too perfect to exist. The Christian theologian Anselm once defined God as a being in which […]

Who First Taught People About God?

Today I have heard probably the single worst argument for the existence of God that I have ever heard. This argument is so stupid that it amazes me what lengths people go with mental gymnastics in order to justify their imaginary friend. If people are indoctrinated into belief in God and people are manipulated by […]

The Vague Higher Power

Almost anyone who reads the Bible cover-to-cover from an objective perspective will be able to notice that the story is ridiculous. It is almost certain that the character of God as portrayed in the Bible is as fictional as the evil Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. And yet there are still billions (with […]

Anselm’s Ontological Argument

For some reason, this argument has cropped up again in a conversation that I recently had with a Christian. Let me paraphrase the argument: The definition of God is a being in which no greater being can be conceived. It is greater to actually exist than it is to not actually exist. Therefore, God must […]

Where Does Logic Come From?

Why many Christians are not aware of this, there is actually a god named Syllogism who created the laws of logic. Because there are laws of logic, Syllogism must be a real God. Of course that would be a circular argument, which is a fallacy of logic. Besides, I am obviously joking about the existence […]

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