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Limiting God

Christians often ask me for evidence for god’s nonexistence. Right from the start, that is a ridiculous demand. But as it turns out there is actually really strong philosophical evidence for god’s nonexistence. Christians created a God that is too perfect to exist.

The Christian theologian Anselm once defined God as a being in which no greater being can be conceived. I assume most Christians would agree with that definition since they are always telling me how all-powerful their deity is. But then they start telling me about Jesus and that is when Christians start to put limits on their deity.

For example, why did Jesus have to die on the cross? The standard Christian answer is that he died for our sins. But why did he need to die? The standard Christian answer is that God needed a perfect sacrifice. Why does Mr. All-powerful deity, the being to which not greater being can be conceived NEED a perfect sacrifice or NEED anything else for that matter?

Why do bad things happen to good people (the subject of my recent Examiner article)? The standard Christian answer is that God allows suffering to teach us about good. But why would a perfect deity NEED to cause suffering to teach us about good? Isn’t he God? Can’t he just snap his personified magic fingers and give us the knowledge and wisdom without the suffering?

God gave us Free-will, so that is why Hell exists. Why couldn’t God have given us free-will and made it so that we would all believe and follow him? I know that is a contradiction, but who are we to limit God? If God truly is a being in which no greater being can be conceived, then he can make a square circle if he wanted to. He could also give us free-will and make us follow and believe in him.

Christians can’t get past human logic because Christians are human, but God is allegedly not human. God is allegedly all-powerful. The laws of logic shouldn’t apply to God.

That being the case, the best evidence against the existence of God is Christianity. If God exists, then he doesn’t NEED the blood sacrifice of Jesus. He doesn’t NEED Christians to spread “the word.” He doesn’t NEED to have created Hell. He doesn’t NEED to have any of these elaborate schemes of religion at all. If God wants me to know him, then I would know him. No middlemen needed. But Christians need to limit their all-powerful deity to justify their religion and in so doing, they disprove the very deity they worship.

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