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Who First Taught People About God?

Today I have heard probably the single worst argument for the existence of God that I have ever heard. This argument is so stupid that it amazes me what lengths people go with mental gymnastics in order to justify their imaginary friend.

If people are indoctrinated into belief in God and people are manipulated by others who believe in God then who first taught people to believe in God? Clearly, God must have taught people Himself.

That is what this Christian is arguing. God must exist because someone needed to teach people to believe and that someone is God. This Christian obviously has not thought that through. The implication of this argument is that anything that is imagined must have some basis in reality and must in fact be real. This would mean that Unicorns are real because only a unicorn could teach the concept of a unicorn to people.

What this Christian fails to realize is that while everything imagined does have some basis in reality, it does not follow that everything imagined is real. A unicorn is a horse with a horn. Both things are real and are based in reality, but it is the human imagination which has put them together.

When a baby’s parent leaves the room, a baby thinks that his or her parent has left existence. The baby learns that some times when people leave their view, they still exist. People needed to know how the world worked and so they made up gods to explain the causes of the effects that they saw. They thought that perhaps the gods had left the room much like a parent. Now of course we have better explanations for how the world works. Rain is no longer the gods crying. Thunder is no longer a bowling game of the gods. The wind is no longer God breathing heavy. A drought no longer means that God is angry.

People imagined gods based on real problems and real questions. The fact is that gods are based in reality. They strangely resemble us! Humans weren’t created in God’s image, but rather God was created in our image. There is an old saying that says that if a triangle had a god, he would have three sides.

God is a father, humans have fathers. God has a son, humans have sons. God has human emotions like jealousy, wrath, anger, etc. God is a projection of ourselves. That is why some people see God as a peace loving hippy and other people see God as an authoritarian dictator. God is a supercharged mirror. So if you are a god-believer ask yourself, “What is God like to you? What does that say about you?”

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  • Claire

    //People needed to know how the world worked and so they made up gods to explain the causes of the effects that they saw//

    You cannot be serious? This is your response? This is your earth-shaking rebuttal? You conceded that all myths are based on some truth, like unicorns being based on horses. Then why go on to say that gods were just thought up just because they were stumped about things on earth? On what evidence, like the horse upon which the unicorn is based, is there that would warrant a concept of God? And remember, horses are tangible. What was tangible that would make people think God existed? What evidence was there that would warrant people thinking up divinity and the supernatural considering it is INVISIBLE?


    Even the explanation that people needed camp-fire stories was a better explanation than this one.

    And get this: I never specifically stated that God was the Christian god. I was stating about gods in general.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      Claire, the tangible that God is based on is ourselves! I thought that I made that pretty clear. We are the God that we imagine in Heaven. God is the super superman.

    • existential blues

      Claire, the idea of God is a conspiracy foisted upon people by the governments that have wanted to control us since time immemorial. You should know better. I can’t believe you’ve fallen for it. Why do you let those people control you, by your allowing them to enslave your mind?

      And still, you have no actual evidence for the existence of any gods. Wait, I’m receiving a message from Real God. He just told me that everything you know is wrong.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jasyn333 Jasyn

    I know of the christian you are referring to, and let’s just say she needs a good dose of reality thrown her way. I does not surprise me that she said that. Yet, she is only one is a sea of christians that will do and say anything to keep their faith in a godly father (that would rather send you to hell than reward you).

  • 1225truth

    This Christian is integrating a cross between the old Aristotle / Aquinas argument from “first cause” and the ontological argument.

    Her claim could fall within the “Deist” belief. God created and set the laws of physics in motion including cycles of planetary orbit, intervening once after the development of homo sapiens to make His presence known. Then He just skidaddled and let events take their own course. It is a big leap from that to the Christian paradigm. But again, when have even Christian theologians ever offered a complete and coherent explanation with convincing arguments.

    Good blog.

  • Jon

    Further more you have to consider Social interaction of humans. When people do things to people it has a reason and a cuase and when people do things for themselves it seem to have a reason and a cuase. The need to give the world and Nature this human aspect is easiest by adding gods spirits and other fairytales rather then just saying it is becuase it is.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    Claire is the Christian that Staks is speaking of. She’s from South Africa and promotes the anti-Christ variety of Illuminati theories. She is a fairly smart woman but I believe she suffers from hallucinations and is poor at defining reality.

    I already made an appearance on her blog and posted a counter argument several days ago. I’m surprised about how well known she has become.

  • http://www.myspace.com/desago Desago

    I posted my argument before I saw your blog. I had assumed that a lot of the argument s would be alone the same lines.

    Here is the condensed version of my post.

    Yes, you have an atheist Pot Plant, just like I have an atheist dog, an atheist python and an atheist Mountain Dew. These objects have no belief in God, so technically they can be termed Atheistic. My dog has been taught that I fed and water him, take care of him and show him attention, in his mind I could be considered a god. My python on the other hand could easily consider itself god, because it knows I will provide food, attention, and care. But the answer is we really don’t know what these animals think, other than affection and attention we get from them.

    Atheism isn’t a rejection of god/gods, its a non belief in god/gods. There are many reasons a person chooses to be an Atheist. They are born into it, they researched religions and didn’t find the answers they were looking for, or they simply walked away from the religion of their parents. There are babies born everyday into various religions, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, do they (the babies) have a choice into which religion they will be born? No. Are they taught the religious beliefs of their parents, as they grow? Yes. A baby is born with no belief in God, for the first couple of years their only concept of a divine being is their mother. So to say that mother is the name of God on the lips and in the hearts of Children is true. Because their mother provides food, shelter and protection for them. As they grow they are taught about their religion, their god/gods that will continue to provide for them after their mother is gone.

    Now on to the second part, where did the concept of God come from? If you take a look back at prehistoric man, who lacked the knowledge of the world we possess today. Where did the rain come from? What about the wind? Why does the sun rise in that direction, but not that direction? What are all those lights in the sky at night? Why did the hunt not go as planned? Humans are very inquisitive creatures, that ask a lot of questions, like you are doing here. But in ancient times there was no Google, so man made up stories as to why the storms came, why the crops failed, why people got sick, why earthquakes happened, where they came from. You have some people that would dream of a hunt failing and they would share their dream with the rest of the clan, and next thing you know the hunt failed. So they would make an offering to the animal for a good hunt. These dreamers would eventually become priests, who only through tribute could grant you favor in the eyes of the ruler of the hunt, or love or war. These rulers of (insert noun here) grew in legend to be more than human. I believe someone on here said stories around the camp fire, what better way to entertain your tribe or clan, with some fabulous tales of heroes and villains fighting against one another. Humans have a great imagination when it comes to stories. Maybe you have heard of Star Wars, the tale of Jedi knights and their lightsabers.

    As for the Pot, don’t you know drugs are bad for you?

  • Just me

    Why don’t you travel to the Holy Land and learn real history. Speak with very educated Holy Fathers who can teach you why they know that God exists instead of any man on the street who knows nothing.Read the thousands of recordings from the witnesses. Visit the places where the relics of martyrs remain. If you can do your own research from a reputable source, then your opinion might matter.