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Proving That God Exists

I know I am known for being a vocal atheist, but the other night I realized the proof for God that I just can’t deny. Now I know that God really does exist. So today I will show you this proof and see if anyone can disprove it.

I was able to touch God, see him, and when I tipped him over, I could hear his contents spilling out. God was very physical and looked a lot like a teapot. In fact God was a teapot. You see, I simply redefined the term God to mean teapot and then it became very clear that God was real.

Would anyone really claim that teapots are imaginary? Of course not, we can see them, touch them, hear them, pour from them, etc. But we can’t just redefine the term God and then prove our personal concept to be true, right?

This is exactly what so many Christians and other believers do. They aren’t talking about the Biblical God at all. Instead, they redefine the Biblical God to mean whatever they think they can worship with a good conscience and call that God. This is what Deepak Chopra did during the Nightline Debate and Sam Harris called him out on it. But this really goes deeper that Deepak.

I submit to you that there is not a Christian today who believes in the God described in the Bible. Not a one. Instead, modern Christians have redefined God to be something that is more palatable to their sensibilities. Just like I redefined God to be a teapot, modern Christians redefine God to fit their own sensibilities and then call that the God of the Bible.

In this way they can attempt to “prove” that God exists. But what are they really attempting to prove? The fact is that the God of the Bible is fiction and no amount of redefining is going to change that.

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