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Profiles in Wishy Washy Beliefs: Deepak Chopra

Yesterday, I watched the ABC Nightline debate between Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra featuring Michael Shermer and some crazy lady. The subject of the debate was whether or not God has a future. In reality, the real debate was whether or not Deepak Chopra is trying to be the next L. Ron Hubbard.

Many times during the debate, Chopra made statements of fact which were not actually facts. When called out on these assertions, he usually took the opportunity to spout off made up terminology presumably from his books. He was pretty quick with it too. At one point Sam Harris asked him how he defines God and before Harris could even finish, Chopra was rattling off his three word phrase which spelled the an acronym G.O.D.

During another part of the debate, Harris talked about how most scientists are quick to hedge their statements because “they are desperate to avoid public embarrassment” if presented with opposing information. Chopra at this point made an interesting comment: “If I was worried about being embarrassed I wouldn’t be influencing the people that I am influencing.”

Like I said, this is a very interesting statement. Chopra is trying to say that he puts his opinions out there without regard because he is somehow brave or something. But what he seems to be saying to me is that his goal is to influence people and the way to do that is to make bold statements without worrying about being wrong. The way I see it, Chopra is trying to be the leader of a new religion complete with its own terminology.

Unlike other cult leaders, Deepak Chopra doesn’t seem to have a coherent system of belief. Instead, he takes a little bit of science, a little bit of old school religion, a little bit of new age mysticism and throws it out there and sees what sticks.

“The spirit energy of the protons powers our souls to bring us closer to the Universe.” I just made that up and yet to some people that statement is profoundly informative. In reality it is a meaningless string of words thrown together by my Deepak Chopra phrase generator.

To help support my opinion of Deepak Chopra incoherent system of science, religion, and mysticism I give you these Nightline debates. Not long ago, Chopra was on the side of reason (sort of) against wacko fundamentalists in the debate: Does Satan Exist? There too, he was able to use his patented phrase generator to rattle off more meaningless dibble.

There is no doubt that in this current debate, Deepak Chopra dominated the discourse. So much so that Sam Harris had to ask him to “dial it down a little” and told him that he has already talked for awhile. Harris even used his signature line, “You have put a lot on the table.” Even the moderator, Dan Harris, had to ask Deepak to shut up on a few occasions. Still Chopra interrupted everyone and used every opportunity to spout his nonsense.

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