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‘Atheists Must Believe X’

Many times when I get into a conversation with a fundamentalist believer, they do more than strawman atheism; they tell me what I MUST believe because of my lack of belief in their deity. Well, that is very kind of them to tell me what I MUST think, but they are almost always wrong. Not […]

Jesus Was a Harold Camping

Christians hate to admit this, but Jesus was the Harold Camping of his day. According to the Bible, he thought that the world was coming to an end soon. He constantly warned everyone to give away all their money and possessions because he didn’t think they would need them since the end was nigh. Jesus […]

The End is Nigh!

Yea, that’s right the end of Harold Camping’s trek to doomsday is nigh… or near… or something. For me, this has been a long journey. When I was in college back in 1993, I started listening to Camping with my friend Greg. Greg was a believer and a follower of Camping. I interviewed him about […]

In Defense of Harold Camping

A lot of people are laughing at Harold Camping and his followers lately. In less than 48 hours Camping’s prediction will be proven wrong, but what I find interesting is Camping’s most fervent detractors are not atheists, but Christians. As an atheist, I have no problem laughing at Camping and his ridiculous beliefs, but Christians […]

What If Camping Disappears?

I was thinking about this the other day. I recently started a new website called “RaptureSurvivor.com” to sell some t-shirts and stuff and while promoting the site, someone jokingly mentioned that the joke would be on me if Camping and friends really got Raptured away. This prompted me to question, “what if Camping did disappear?” […]

Judgment Day Is Here!

Today is April 21st, 2011. It is the day SkyNet goes online and everyone on earth is going to have a “very bad day.” The machines are going to start killing everyone and some kid named John Connor, is going to become the leader of the human resistance. Judgment Day is here! This is of […]

Failed Bible Prediction

Fundamentalist Christians often talk about Bible predictions and how Jesus fulfilled all of them. Aside from the fact that there really aren’t any messianic predictions, the Bible does make at least one prediction and surprise, surprise, it didn’t come to pass. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus talks about the end of the world. Interestingly […]

Dear Christians, There Is No Jewish Messiah!

One of the most common claims that Christians make is that the Old Testament perfectly predicts the rise, fall, and re-rise of Jesus. Christians often ask how it is possible for a book (the Old Testament) to so perfectly predict Jesus unless God wrote it all as part of his divine plan. The answer is […]

Ancient Knowledge vs. Modern Knowledge

Why are people convinced that ancient people knew some great secret to the universe that all our modern knowledge just can’t figure out today? This is not just an issue with religion, but with supernatural mysteries also. I’m not saying that we know everything. That would be stupid. But I am saying that we know […]

Carpet Bombing Arguments

A popular Christian strategy for winning converts is basically to see how any arguments they can bombard you with in as little time as possible. The idea is to carpet bomb their mark with lots of arguments with the hope that at least one of them will resonate with their mark. On the off chance […]

The End of the World is Almost Here

Over the weekend, I went to the geek convention known as Wizard World. When we were leaving the convention there were a lot of people handing out fliers for their comics, art, bands, websites, etc. There was also a woman handing out religious pamphlets. I of course took one, but didn’t have the time to […]

Science Doesn’t have the Answers

I was listening to Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza recently. He made an interesting argument in which he claimed that science didn’t have the answers to three very important questions. 1. Where did we come from? 2. What is the point of our lives? 3. Where are we going? The first question science is working on. […]

Sarah Palin Expects the Apocalypse Soon

It seems that Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame is not up just yet. It is pretty well established that she was picked to be the 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate largely due to her strong fundamentalist views. The McCain campaign had hoped to get the Religious Right energized about his campaign through her. While McCain […]

2012: We Are All Going to Die!

Yesterday I talked about how the world is going to come to and end… soon. Well, religion isn’t the only source of superstition in this regard. For some reason many Americans are actually living in fear of the year 2012 (and not just because Sarah Palin might run from President). Yes, Hollywood is coming out […]

The End of Days is Near!

I first became aware of this worlds impending doom from my friend Greg in college. It was through him that I learned that the world was going to end on September 23rd 1994. He heard it through preacher and radio mogul Harold Camping. Of course that day has now passed and we are all still […]


I have always been fascinated by prophecies. I read a lot of Nostradamus, Eager Casey, and of course the Bible. I even think I might have had a prophetic dream myself once (I’ll let you know in about 10 to 15 years if it comes to pass). I have gone to psychics and had my […]

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