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What If Camping Disappears?

I was thinking about this the other day. I recently started a new website called “RaptureSurvivor.com” to sell some t-shirts and stuff and while promoting the site, someone jokingly mentioned that the joke would be on me if Camping and friends really got Raptured away. This prompted me to question, “what if Camping did disappear?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty confident that Camping and friends are not going to be Raptured away. But I wouldn’t put it past Camping to orchestrate his own disappearance and that of some of his close followers who might be in on the scam.

This of course assumes that Camping knows this is a scam and that he hasn’t actually bought into his own bullshit. But let’s assume that he knows it is a scam and that he has orchestrated his own disappearance and that of a few friends. Those of his followers who really do believer and didn’t disappear just weren’t worthy. Meanwhile, he is very visible and the news media has undoubted been planning for the post-rapture interviews. So if he is gone, people might just question whether he actually predicted the Rapture.

The guy is an old dude with a ton of money. It really wouldn’t be hard for him to hop a plane or boat to some far off place and watch the media discuss his disappearance. His books would sell even more and he could even have a book finished ready for “posthumous” release.

I am probably over thinking this. He probably has bought into his own bullshit and after the Rapture date, he will probably just have egg on his face in disbelief. He might even die of a heart attack thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

PS Please help promote my new RaptureSurvivor website. Thanks!

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  • Steve

    I was wondering the same thing, if Camping would disappear and fake a rapture. I

    Tthere actually a few outs the Camping crowd can take, because their predictions have built in fudge factors.

    1. They didn’t take into account that 10 days were taken out of the year 1582, so they’re calculations are actually off by 10 days. On the Family Radio website they say they get the May 21 end of the world date from the May 22nd date of Pentecost of 33 AD. That would make it May 31st not May 21st.

    2. They don’t say the world is going to end on May 21, only that the rapture is going to happen then, and that the world will actually end on Oct. 21. They could come up with an explanation that the rapture is only going to happen at the endate itself.

    3. When it doesn’t come on Oct. 21, they’ll say that their calculations were off by 10 days and it will happen on Oct. 31.

    4. If it doesn’t happen then, they could say they were wrong on the specific day prediction. But the year of their prediction is calculated from the (random) date they assigned Noah’s flood. If they ignore the specific day prediction, their end of the world calculation could be stretched all the way to mid-April 2012 (to when the specific Hebrew year would’ve ended in Jesus’s time)

    My point in bringing this up is that when you actually read their documents their predictions aren’t as specific on dates as they make it seem on their billboards and whatnot. Their true believers could last almost another year on the same calculations used to arrive at May 21st. By then they could come up with some new calculations for a 2034 end of the world date.

  • Sarge

    Like Steve said.

    But every time one of the “Twice Born” crowd comes up with something like this they have some cockamamie thing to fall back on: a sort of, “Oops! Didn’t carry th’ one…silly me…” sort of thing.

    Some of my “Twice Born” colleaguues are kind of looking over their shoulders, uncomfortable, sort of, “what if he really does know where the bear shit in the buckwheat?” sort of unease.
    And, as sual, after the date goes past and life goes on as usual they will rather contemptuously declare some scriptural riff on “no one knows when…”
    But they’ll feel a sense of relief and reprieve, they always seem to.

    At any rate, I think Camping’s bank account is now and will remain active both pre and post “rapture” date, so I doubt he believes his own horse dung.