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What If Camping Disappears?

I was thinking about this the other day. I recently started a new website called “RaptureSurvivor.com” to sell some t-shirts and stuff and while promoting the site, someone jokingly mentioned that the joke would be on me if Camping and friends really got Raptured away. This prompted me to question, “what if Camping did disappear?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty confident that Camping and friends are not going to be Raptured away. But I wouldn’t put it past Camping to orchestrate his own disappearance and that of some of his close followers who might be in on the scam.

This of course assumes that Camping knows this is a scam and that he hasn’t actually bought into his own bullshit. But let’s assume that he knows it is a scam and that he has orchestrated his own disappearance and that of a few friends. Those of his followers who really do believer and didn’t disappear just weren’t worthy. Meanwhile, he is very visible and the news media has undoubted been planning for the post-rapture interviews. So if he is gone, people might just question whether he actually predicted the Rapture.

The guy is an old dude with a ton of money. It really wouldn’t be hard for him to hop a plane or boat to some far off place and watch the media discuss his disappearance. His books would sell even more and he could even have a book finished ready for “posthumous” release.

I am probably over thinking this. He probably has bought into his own bullshit and after the Rapture date, he will probably just have egg on his face in disbelief. He might even die of a heart attack thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

PS Please help promote my new RaptureSurvivor website. Thanks!

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