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Odd Year Primary Day

With less then a week before the Rapture, I know many people couldn’t care less about November elections, but for those of us who are just a little skeptical that May 21st will be the beginning of the end, Primary Day still has some value.

I know this is an odd election year and aside from special elections, there are no House or Senate races and the Presidential race is what most people are talking about. The big news of the week is that Huckabee and Trump both announce they are not running and so Romney will most likely be the Republican Presidential candidate.

Still, I want to remind everyone that yes, today is Primary Day and there are important local candidates you need to vote for. Today’s local candidates often become tomorrow’s state and federal candidates. Plus, it is the local officials who help to mobilize state and federal campaigns. My town is run pretty much entirely by the Republicans and as a result, there is almost no “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) effort here during the even number campaign years.

School boards have now been under a great deal of pressure from the religious to push their holy fiction into our science classes. This is the year to vote for your school board and to make sure that they are supportive of science. For the record, while most Democratic candidates are supportive of science, that is not always the case. Primaries are important! Even these off year Primaries are important.

As Minority Election Inspector for my district, I will be away from my computer all day. Don’t forget to vote!

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