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Shouldn’t My Hell Be Your Hell?

While this isn’t a new argument against the idea of Hell, it is still a pretty good one. How could any genuinely good person be happy for all eternity knowing that so many people will be tortured for all eternity in Hell?

I know we deserve it since we just can’t seem to believe in ridiculous ancient myths based on not only insufficient evidence, but in the fact of actual evidence to the contrary. Still, it is pretty likely that those headed to Heaven for all eternity will at least have some loved ones who would be headed in the other direction. How can they really live with themselves? More importantly, how can they remain in the state of bliss?

Sure there is the apologist response that some how the memories of those poor loved ones in Hell would be wiped from the believer’s brain, but how could the believer live with him or her self knowing that now? Besides, our memories are who we are so if you take those away, are you still really you?

Maybe God will clone your loved ones in Heaven. But would those clones really be convincing if they actually belonged there? I mean a clone of me that accepts bliss in Heaven would simply not be believable to any of my good Christian friends.

Of course all this is fun to talk about, but the reality is that Heaven and Hell are imaginary. These concepts were thought up by people who really didn’t think all that much about them. Once we actually start focusing our thinking on the concepts, it becomes clear that the concepts don’t really make much sense. No matter how you think about it, my Hell should be Hell for the believer if the believer has even the slightest sense of decency and moral awareness.

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