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Judgment Day Is Here!

Today is April 21st, 2011. It is the day SkyNet goes online and everyone on earth is going to have a “very bad day.” The machines are going to start killing everyone and some kid named John Connor, is going to become the leader of the human resistance. Judgment Day is here!

This is of course the prediction made by the fictional Terminator film series. No one with half a brain takes it seriously at all. But why don’t we take it seriously? We take other apocalyptic predictions made in works of fiction seriously. There are two main predictions being popularized these days based on the Bible. May 21st 2011 and December 22nd 2012 are both believed by some to be the start of Judgment Day. So why do we laugh about today’s Judgment Day prediction?

The difference here is that everyone knows that the Terminator movies are fictional. But what if there were people who believed it seriously? Would that mean that the rest of us would be required to take them seriously? Does the fact that people believe something ridiculous make it any less ridiculous? I don’t think it does. This is why I continue to laugh at Jews, Christians, and Muslims when they go on about their ridiculous beliefs.

To me, the Abrahamic religions are about as plausible as the Terminator films. Scratch that, the Terminator films are actually more plausible… and far more entertaining too. Why should I feel compelled to respect the beliefs of someone who believes that SkyNet will really come online today and start the war in which the Machines try to destroy all humanity? Give me one compelling reason here. If you can’t then you must admit that there is no reason why I should respect the beliefs of God-believers, which is a much less plausible belief system.

With that said, I am going to pull the plug on my computer now… just in case I’m wrong and SkyNet really does go online; sort of a Pascal’s Wager kind of thing. 😉

PS – – Remember that the Machines don’t use money, so please feel free to Contribute to Dangerous Talk.

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