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Failed Bible Prediction

Fundamentalist Christians often talk about Bible predictions and how Jesus fulfilled all of them. Aside from the fact that there really aren’t any messianic predictions, the Bible does make at least one prediction and surprise, surprise, it didn’t come to pass.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus talks about the end of the world. Interestingly enough in verse 13:30, Jesus says this, “Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.” What things is Jesus talking about here? Well, let’s look at the context. In the earlier part of chapter 13 of Mark, Jesus rolls off a litany of calamities starting with the destruction of the Temple and continuing into the moral decay of society, natural disasters, wars, false prophets, the sun and the moon darkening, cats and dogs living together, etc.

According to Jesus, even he doesn’t know the exact moment, but all this will come to pass before that current generation ends. The rest of the chapter confirms this too. Jesus warns to stay alert and to be ready for this. Jesus is clearly predicting the End of Days to be soon.

In Matthew 16:28, Jesus again talks about the end times although the context is a bit confusing. He may have only been discussing the crucifixion itself. But that seems unlikely because telling the crowd that some of them may live to see his death is not much of a prediction and from Jesus’s tone, he clearly intends this to be a prediction. It is akin to me predicting that some of the people reading this blog will live longer then I.

Later in the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 24), we see the same conversation Jesus had in Mark. Again, he says that a generation shall not pass until all these things come to pass. Those things are again the long list of doomsday warning signs.

The point here is that these are not just a verse or two taken out of context. This is the message that Jesus is trying to convey. He is predicting that a single generation will not pass before the End of the World. Verily he says it. This is a prediction that Jesus made in multiple Gospels and it did not come to pass.

Jesus did not mean that a generation for a state of Israel, he did not mean that a generation according to God will not pass. He clearly meant that a generation as in a generation of human beings living at that time will not pass. Some of the very people standing there listening to him will still be alive to see the End of the World. Jesus was WRONG!

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  • http://thebrunettesblog.wordpress.com Ginny

    Reading that passage, putting aside clever theological rationalizations and just looking at what it said, cause my first moment of genuine doubt. I think I was about 19 at the time, and the idea of losing my belief was so scary that I lay awake for hours. The next day I took refuge in the clever theological rationalizations once again.

  • Yeremia Kurniawan

    And all that you have written is wrong; you don’t know which generation was Jesus talking about, do you? If you study the bible with the experts like pastors etc, the “generation” that you are talking about is not the real generation like what Jesus meant at that time.
    I believe you have missed to read the Revelation, and a verse in which Jesus said clearly,”I will come again like a thief,” something that has the same meaning as that. Do read them, Jesus DOES NOT predict, His words are what is going to happen next, in our real life.
    May Jesus bless you and your day. :)

  • Yeremia Kurniawan

    Oh I think I have mistaken, the part that I said “like what Jesus meant at that time” was meant to be “like what you think Jesus meant to say at that time.” no one can predict the God Himself, the way He thinks and the things that He says.
    Once again may all of us have a blessed day. Jesus bless us. :D

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Yeremia, Jesus says very clearly that he was referring to the generation that he was talking to at that very moment. This is very clear and there is no way to twist it to mean otherwise. But don’t take my word for it and certainly don’t take the word of some pastor looking to fill his collection plate. Go and READ the Bible for yourself. Read the chapters that I pointed to and read the context of those chapters. There really is no way to spin this. Jesus made a prediction and it did not come to pass. Jesus was WRONG!

  • http://stripey7.blogspot.com Eric Hamell

    Clearly Medieval Christians saw the problem. They invented the legend of the Wandering Jew to get around it. Supposedly, as punishment for some meanness to Jesus, he was condemned to wander the earth without dying till the Judgment Day. In this way, “this generation” could be said not to have passed because Ahasuerus was still alive. Of course there’s nothing in the Bible about him. Europeans invented him later.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    That’s weak and obviously not what Jesus meant.

  • http://thebrunettesblog.wordpress.com Ginny

    There’s always a way to spin it. As my story illustrates, people will accept all kinds of rationalizations to avoid losing their faith. The church promotes the belief that real theology is subtle and sophisticated precisely so that glaring inaccuracies and inconsistencies won’t stop a sensible person from believing. It may be transparent to people on the outside, but people on the inside have a tremendous emotional stake in their faith, and a simple little contradiction isn’t going to shake it.

  • http://kgov.com WillD

    This is one of many failed Bible predictions. (I wouldn’t call it a prediction, but it’s actually a conditional statement.) Unfortunately, many Christians seem to think that the Bible can’t have failed predictions, but it can and most definitely does. This does not hurt the credibility of the Bible though. These conditional statements are contingent on man’s freedom. I like how the guy who runs this site thinks though. I’d love to have him on our radio program, Bob Enyart Live.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Sure Bob, let’s set something up for the New Year.

  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    A prediction, is a prediction. Wow! Staks Rosch v.Bob Enyart, could turn out better than Chris Hitchens on FOX not news. Just don’t let you’re children near him, I hear his rage is often released through his belt on those that are too young to defend themselves. Wonder if Jesus predicted this?

  • kevin shaw

    As well as calamities Jesus also said “good news of the kingdom” had to be preached around the earth before the end would come, Matt 24v14 why would you have missed off that?