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Jesus Was a Harold Camping

Christians hate to admit this, but Jesus was the Harold Camping of his day. According to the Bible, he thought that the world was coming to an end soon. He constantly warned everyone to give away all their money and possessions because he didn’t think they would need them since the end was nigh.

Jesus told his followers to leave their family and friends behind and to go and preach the “Good News” from the rooftops. The mission was to warn everyone that the End Times was coming very soon. He preached that a generation would not pass before the end came.

Paul also believed this to be true and that was what he preached. They really didn’t preach that 2000 years later the world would end. Revelations was not a prediction of the future; it was a poetic telling of the recent past.

Jesus was a failed prophet and today Christians ignore all these details and many still believe that the world will come to an end “soon.”

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  • silkworm

    Jesus was not a failed prophet for the simple reason that he never existed. For that matter, neither did Paul.

    Incidentally, the “end times” actually occurred, just as the prophecy said they would. The destruction of the temple “prophesied” in Mark chapter 13 refers to the fall of Jerusalem under Titus, son of Vespasian. When Jesus (a fictional character) told of his second coming, he was referring to Titus. Whoever wrote the gospel of Mark – and it was probably Marcion in the 130s – he was relying heavily on the works of Josephus which were written long after the events described. In fact, Josephus explicitly states that Vespasian fulfilled the prophecy that a saviour of the world would come from Judea. That is something that Christians find most embarrassing.