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Respect God’s Authority

Fundamental Christians often tell me that whether I believe in God or not, I will have to respect his authority. Of course, I inform them that even if their God does exist (and I am reasonably certain he doesn’t), I still see the God as portrayed in the Bible as immoral and would not follow such a deity. As such, I don’t recognize God’s Authority.

This is where the police argument comes in. The Christian usually argues, “Just because you don’t recognize God’s authority doesn’t mean you can ignore dealing with it. I could say I do not recognize the local police’s authority and break the speed laws or rob people’s houses.  The fact that ‘I don’t recognize’ the police’s authority doesn’t mean I will not have to deal with it once I am apprehended.”

I actually love it when a Christian uses this type of argument because it shows just how bronze-aged the Christian God actually is. You see, humans learn stuff and we progress socially, politically, and morally. God doesn’t learn. God doesn’t progress. While the Bible has certainly changed over the years, the crappy character of God has changed very little if at all. The God of the Bible was written in a bronze-aged time by bronze-aged people.

Getting back to the argument, the police are not the authority. We the people are the authority. The police just enforce our authority. America has an entire political system for creating laws, trying particular cases, and redressing grievances. If I don’t like the speeding laws, I can contact my representatives in government and lay out my arguments. If the law was enforced unfairly, I can take the issue up with the courts. Even if I am found guilty, I still have the right to appeal and I can still be paroled or given a reprieve. While there is no guarantee that I will win at any point in the process and there is of course corruption, there is still a system in place for people who do not respect the authority of the people.

God doesn’t even have that. In other words, our obviously flawed legal system is better than God’s perfect justice system. Our legal system sentences people differently depending on the wrong-doing, but God sends everyone to be tortured for all eternity for the smallest sin to the biggest. Whether you work on Saturday or murder 6 million people, you are going to Hell forever… except if you ask Jesus for forgiveness. Then of course you are free to go because according to the story, God drank Jesus’s blood or something.

To summarize, I don’t have to respect the authority of the police. The police can arrest me, but then I get the opportunity to make my case. The court system does their best to pick jurors who don’t assume that the police are always right. The Judge does his best to make sure both sides are treated fairly and the lawyers do their best to represent their side. If you cannot afford a lawyer to help defend your position, the court will appoint one to you. The character of God has no such process and among other reasons (like his non-existence) is why I don’t respect his authority.

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  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    Christians make such ridicules arguments. Tell a Christian that he or she needs to respect the authority of Zeus, Allah, Osiris, Odin, Shiva, etc even if they don’t believe in them and see what they say about that. Of course, they will then move the discussion to a silly argument about how their God is right due to the evidence of the bible while those gods are make believe.

  • 1225truth

    This is a modern day illogical argument from authority. And because that authority cannot be defined in any tangible sense, but from archaic literature subject to interpretation, it doubles as an argumentum ad absurdum.

    This was not always so. In Catholic days of old, that authority was the heavy handed and theocratic ecclesiastic office of the church. But since the enlightenment, Protestant sanctification of scripture holds ecclesiastical “priestcraft” as unauthoritative, creating a void in defining GAWD’s authority. LOL!

  • ProgRockGirl

    Getting back to the argument, the police are not the authority. We the people are the authority. The police just enforce our authority.

    Well, in theory…

  • existential blues

    Do I have to respect the authority of corrupt police working for a fascist state? Is it principled for me to do what they say out of fear of getting beaten or shot?

    What Christians are really saying is, respect _my_ interpretation of the scriptures. Respect MY authority.

    Anyone with any arbitrary belief can say the same thing. “Respect Vishnu” carries as much weight as “Respect Jesus” or “Respect God”. That is, none at all.

  • MJ

    The transformation of your life is simply amazing once you fall in love with God and see His power at work in your life. Your eyes are opened and you can finally see, including all that He’s done for you and how much He truly loves you. Nothing can ever compare to that! Thank you, Father. †

    • existential blues

      Dear brainwashed MJ, you need to understand that a lot of the most vocal atheists are those who have lost their Christian faith, after finally understanding what a crock of sh*t it is.

      Your imaginary “father” does not exist. You sound quite obsessed with your imaginary friend.

      • Mike O.

        I was, as a child, one of those brainwashed Christians. It is comforting to believe in an all powerful father who will take care of your every need, but reality has nothing to do with how we feel about it. There is no god, and more certainly no abrahamic version of god. I would rather be rooted in reality than believe a comforting lie.

  • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

    I learn from you Staks.

    You always have some smart thing to retort, a silver bullet for the mythical beast that is Yahweh.


  • Mike O.

    An unjust law is no law at all, and a god who will have me burn in he’ll for all eternity simply for not believing in him is quite unjust indeed.

    On another note, every one of us has seen justice dispensed by the “authorities” in one form or another, but I have never seen justice dispensed by god. And no, natural disaster do not count, and if they do, then they are even further evidence of an unjust god. How many babies are killed in a tsunami?