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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Why did Jesus have to die? I can image a young kid asking this question in Sunday school. The answer most commonly given is that Jesus died for our sins. He gave his life so that we can all go to Heaven… for those who believe of course. But that doesn’t really answer the question.

Your typical kid in Sunday school might press the issue simply by asking, “Why?” aver and over again. A smart kid however will ask that same question more articulately. How does Jesus dying get me to Heaven? This is a question that stumps a lot of Christians. Some may be able to answer a step further by talking about God’s need for a blood sacrifice. You see, starting all the way back in the Old Testament, God demanded blood sacrifices for his favor. But not just any old blood would do. No, God wanted the purest blood. He wanted the blood of an innocent lamb. Personally, I don’t know the difference between an innocent lamb and a guilty lamb, but I am sure there must be one. Maybe the guilty lamb stole a blade of grass. I don’t know.

The point was allegedly to show how much one loves God that they are willing to part with the best of the best of their livestock. In the story of Kane and Able, Kane didn’t slaughter his best for God so he was not in God’s favor. Later in the Bible God asked Abraham to kill his own son to prove his devotion, but then told Abraham not to do it after all.

So the idea of blood sacrifice is a theme that runs throughout the Bible. Jesus of course is known as the “Lamb of God” and so represents the purest of innocent sacrifices. That is the reason he had to die on the cross for our sins according to Christianity. By why does God need a blood sacrifice of an innocent as a payment for sin? Step back from the dogma for a moment and think about this. If someone lies, do we ask them to murder their pet as punishment for the lie? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. But that is what Christianity is really preaching. If you commit a sin, you need a blood sacrifice for forgiveness of that sin. However, instead of doing the killing yourself, you can accept that the Jews did the killing for you in the murder of Jesus on the cross. By accepting the sacrifice of Jesus into your heart, you have symbolically sacrificed his blood for your sins. But the question still remains, by is blood sacrifice needed for payment of a sin? That still doesn’t make sense.

The hope of Christianity is that through the complex story of replacing Jesus as the lamb and going out of the way to talk about how innocent he was and how much he was tortured, people would simply forget that the sacrifice of Jesus was a blood sacrifice and that all of Christianity rests on the belief that blood sacrifice is the proper payment for sin.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    It’s all part of the viciousness of religion. Death is everywhere! Why? To scare the crap out of primitive thinkers. I don’t think people will take seriously any religion that doesn’t have an ample supply of killing, as it undercuts the “rational” for giving a shit in the first place, which is to save your own skin.


  • Mr. X

    While we’re still on the subject – Christopher Hitchens, with what I consider the definitive criticism of Christian moral doctrine:


  • existential blues

    Communion wafers are the lamb chops of God.

  • Dave

    What shitty deal. Jesus died for me and my wickedness 2000 years before I was even born. The kicker is, if I do not accept this, I will burn in hell forever.

    Jesus, take thy rod and…..

  • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

    Oh noes! I am glad you wrote this blog, I just realized I lose my book I was reading on this topic….dang miniature paper backs!!

    Redemption is a difficult topic….maybe after I find my book i’ll be more prepared hahaha.

  • Ryan

    I’m going to say this as simply as I can and then explain the truth.
    They are Evil.

    How to know the truth, 101–

    Empirical or Logistical evidence, I offer both, let reality decide.

    “If you are evil its ok just believe my magical fairy dust here can make you a unicorn”

    There premise is death and destruction. Jesus, setting aside for a moment the “Moral Teachings”, is the most virtuous man, and their view of reality is that the most virtuous man must die for those who are completly with out morals as long as they “Believe” before they get off this short stop and jump in the grave.
    Now check out some of their moral teachings: Thou shall love thy neighbor as thy self(but my neighbor is not me, i will love what “Is good”). Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart; and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind (God doesn’t exist, and neither dose the “State” or “Society” or the “Gang”, I will love what “Is”)

    If you try and live for others if you view yourself only serving you are forcing your mind into a daze, you are trying to live in a contradiction with reality and you will only bring destruction to reality starting with yourself, you are yourself. This very system is being driven by a mind set that in reality, your very life is not yours, that if you get any pleasure from practicing virtues for your own happiness the best you can expect is to hang on a cross for the death worshipers.

  • corp8mybaby

    I’m gonna explain this to my poor nephew when he finally gets out from under his JEHOVAH WITNESS MOMMY a bit. He’ll laugh.

    • 2B-or-not-2B

      Hahaha – I’m sorry, but you’re gonna argue with WHO now?

      As Dr Phil would say,”how’s that workin’ out fer ya?” LOL – my sides hurt already [wipes tears].

      End game: you FAIL. I’d put money on that, right there.

      I’d say “good luck”, but there ain’t enough of it in the whole universe to help you out with that quest. ;-)

  • 2B-or-not-2B

    You’re all so hilarious!

    It’s only your ignorance that allows you to think that your comments make any sense. It cracks me up no end.

    You start off with the incorrect assertion that “The answer most commonly given is that Jesus died for our sins. He gave his life so that we can all go to Heaven… ”

    Really??? Where’d y’all read that?? In the Disney version?

    This is gonna be good. I can tell.