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I Don’t Judge But My Invisible Dragon Thinks You’re a Dick

I really do hate when religious believers tell me that they don’t judge people and then proceed to call those who don’t believe in their ridiculous beliefs evil sinners. When I call them out on it, they inform me that they aren’t calling me an evil sinner, God is through the Bible. Well shit, that’s much better. I’m sure glad they weren’t judging me.

This is just a typical Christian passive/aggressive attack. When they presume to speak for their deity, they are just pushing their own opinions… unless they are claiming to know the mind of God… which they always tell me that we can’t know because we are mere mortals and evil sinners and stuff.

The beauty of the Bible is that you can pretty much justify anything with it. If you want to support slavery, there are verses for that. If you want to speak out against slavery, there are verses for that too. If you support murder, you can easily find verses for that and if you want to oppose murder, there are verses for that too. There are verses both for and against rape, stealing, abortion, fascism, etc. There are verses for and against peace, love, and compassion too. The Bible really is a mirror to the soul… to use the old cliché.

So when a Christian bases his or her opinion on the Bible, it is not God’s opinion but their own. If a Christian claims that God considers homosexuality a sin, then it is really that Christian who is intolerant of gays. There are plenty of verses every Christian ignores so there is no reason why they can’t ignore the anti-gay verses in the same way they ignore the women are property verses. I’m just say’n.

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