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Passover and Easter: Great fun for atheists

A Very Special Dangerous Talk: Many atheists really love this time of year because it is just too easy to criticize two of the three Abrahamic religions without much effort at all. Jews and Christians just make it so easy; it is like they are handing atheists the logical death blow to their own beliefs. [...]

An Atheist Celebrates Easter

First things first, Easter’s NOT a Christian holiday. I know Christians hate to hear this, but there is no reference to the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs, colored eggs, egg hunts, etc. in the Bible. All this nonsense about Jesus coming back from the dead or whatever has nothing to do with Easter. Christians should call [...]

Two Birds with One Stone

I really love this time of year; I get to easily destroy two of the three Abrahamic religions without trying all that hard at all. First is Passover. Yesterday, I published an Examiner article which talks about the fact that the Jewish Exodus never happened. This is the widely accepted view of pretty much every [...]

The Ridiculousness of the Easter Story

Yesterday was the holiest of holy days for most Christians. The funny part is that the story they celebrated, the Easter story, really celebrates the ridiculousness of the religion. We live in a Christian dominated world, so it is safe to say that we all know the basic story. Let me just give a brief [...]

Christians Have To Make Up Their Minds

Today is the Christian holiday they call Good Friday. Today Christians celebrate the alleged murder of Jesus. Christians think that Jesus was the greatest person/god ever. But if they love Jesus so much why do they call the day commemorating his alleged murder, “good?” Most Christians will tell you that the most important aspect of [...]

Why I Love Easter

I love Easter. While my wife loves Easter for the chocolate, I love this holiday because I get to take advantage of Christian laziness. You see, while it is common knowledge that Christmas was stolen from the Pagan holiday of Yule or the Winter Solstice, at least the Church had the good sense to change [...]

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