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Christians Have To Make Up Their Minds

Today is the Christian holiday they call Good Friday. Today Christians celebrate the alleged murder of Jesus. Christians think that Jesus was the greatest person/god ever. But if they love Jesus so much why do they call the day commemorating his alleged murder, “good?”

Most Christians will tell you that the most important aspect of their religion is the death of Jesus on the cross. They believe that the death of Jesus some how paid for the sins/wrong doing of everyone who ever lived. This they believe is the “good” which the holiday is named for.

While there are a number of problems with this, the one I want to focus on today is the hypocritical way Christians in general seem to react to the alleged death of Jesus. Many Christians blame the Romans for the murder of Jesus. Pontius Pilate in particular is a figure who many Christians despise and vilify. Some Christians (like Mel Gibson) blame the Jews for the murder of Jesus. This view continues to play a large role in the anti-Semitism both in Europe and America. Finally, some Christians also vilify Judas Iscariot for allegedly betraying Jesus to those alleged to have murdered him. But how can these people be evil if the murder of Jesus was a good thing?

Christians have to make up their minds about this. Are these people who are alleged to have killed Jesus bad for killing Jesus? If so, then why is this holiday called Good Friday? I would think that if someone helped to save everyone who ever lived and will live they would be heroes. In the religious context, they should even be saints.

On a related note this whole Good Friday/Easter story of Christianity doesn’t really make any sense, so I guess this is just one more nonsensical aspect of this holiday and the entire Christian religion.

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