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Liberty University Goes Online

The other day, I got an e-mail from Liberty University. It was actually more of a spam mail. It seems that the Jerry Falwell School of Brainwashing has started an online degree program.

I feel sorry for online colleges like Phoenix University that already struggles to be taken seriously and not they are put in the same boat as Liberty. I do think that this home schooling university program will not be as successful as Liberty administrators might think.

One of the advantages of a Christian collage for fundamentalist Christians is that everyone there thinks and believes the same thing. A campus of likemindless creates a group think. Those who “study” at home will not have the “advantage” of the group think and so they will be more vulnerable to actual thinking. So when they have a question about the questionable material, instead of turning to a professor of fellow students, they will probably turn to the internet since that is where their classes are being held anyway.

Of course, atheists dominate the internet. So Liberty University Online will attract fundamentalists, but will lead them eventually away from religion toward atheism.

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  • http://www.politicalopinionarticles.blogspot.com david

    That’s a nice dream Staks. I doubt though they will google atheism to help get answers to their course curriculum, and their is plenty of theist indoctrination for them to find on the internet. Besides, mommy, daddy and their brothers and sisters will be there to help make sure that they never grow up.