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Thinking Seriously About Nonsense

So I was on the Huffington Post’s religion page over the weekend and saw a ton of articles that just seemed silly to me. Here are a few examples:

Who Killed Jesus? An Examination of the Evidence
Pontius Pilate v. Jesus: Was It a Fair Trial?
Re-Enacting The Trial Of Jesus
The Mysteries Of The Last Supper And Jesus’ Final Days
Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?

This is of course all nonsense. I know Christians hate to hear that, but it is true. It truly saddens me that people take this crap so seriously that they pepper the media with such nonsense. For Christians, let me put it another way. What if they went to a popular media outlet and saw articles with titles such as:

Did Voldemort Really Kill Harry Potter’s Parents? An Examination of the Evidence
Jor El v. Zod: Was It a Fair Trial?
Re-Enacting The Trial Of Goldielocks
The Mysteries of the last lunch and Yoda’s Final Days
Why Did Darth Vader Betray the Emperor?

No one would take such a media outlet seriously; nor should they. It is all fiction and while such article might be fun to read at a party, no one ought to waste actual time and money researching such absurdities. Jesus is a fictional character and the story about him is fiction. People should stop wasting time with such ridiculousness and get on with their lives.

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  • http://thesciencepundit.blogspot.com/ The Science Pundit

    That is indeed silly! Everybody KNOWS that Jor El railroaded Zod in that joke of a Kangaroo court. Love live Zod!!!

  • Jim T

    Who Killed Jesus? An Examination of the Evidence

    I’m curious, did that article even present any?

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I don’t think I read that one Jim.

  • http://www.skepacabra.wordpress.com Skepacabra

    Actually, I think that “Why Did Darth Vader Betray the Emperor?” might make an interesting article…provided it recognized it was it only a movie.

    In Zod We Trust!

  • Blamer ..

    Who Killed God? If I had done it, by Fredrick Nitche
    OT God v. Jesus: Who would win in a fight?

    Re-Enacting The Magic Tricks Of The Bronze Age

    The Mysteries Of The Unfulfilled Prophecies And The Final Scorecards Of The Prophets

    Why Did Piety Betray Humanity?

  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    With Huffington’s well-established reputation for promoting pseudoscience and woo, this doesn’t surprise me. It is really a shame when reputable media outlets do this though.

  • Sarge

    It’s the mindset, I suppose.
    There’s something going around the internet warning people to stay away from a “dangerous” book that was touted on Oprah, something about coversations with god.
    Apparently, someone has decided that this book of imaginary crapola doesn’t really jive with the original book of imaginary crapola so it is a danger.

    Some years back when that movie “Michael” came out there were a lot of people around here writing letters to the editor because “that isn’t what angels are like”.
    Strangely, they never said how they knew.

  • dlevitt

    I knew when I woke up one Sunday morning a couple of years ago and opened up the newspaper and saw a religion section that the end of any hope of living in a serious society that deals with serious problems seriously, was over. As it continues to perpetuate itself, sending society into a deeper and deeper coma, it looks like my fears of that morning are coming to fruition.