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Comedy Journalism

Over the weekend, journalists across the nation gathered in Washington to attend the yearly White House Correspondence Dinner. Once again, this dinner proves that comedy is the best journalism. For a long time now, people have been getting fed up with our journalists who have far too often exchanged hard hitting questions to politicians for […]

Taking the Message to Where It Matters

The audience of Dangerous Talk is almost always my fellow atheists with the occasional Christian or other fundamentalist believer. My Examiner articles get a more diverse mix of people. Religious believers often read and comment on my articles there. But I want to reach out to more religious believers than I get through Examiner. For […]

The Problem With Liberals

Fox News is good at one thing and it is distorting the truth and flat out lying. As a Lib and a moral person, I like to bitch and complain about this; however the sad fact is that it works. Poll after poll has shown that Fox News viewers are generally misinformed about the events […]

#OccupyWallStreet vs. The Tea Party

I am a big supporter of the #OccupyWallStreet protests that most of the media isn’t talking about. Recently, I read an article in the New York Times by Ginia Bellafante in which she criticizes the movement and attempts to justify the lack of media coverage with a lack of credibility on the part of the […]

Thinking Seriously About Nonsense

So I was on the Huffington Post’s religion page over the weekend and saw a ton of articles that just seemed silly to me. Here are a few examples: Who Killed Jesus? An Examination of the Evidence Pontius Pilate v. Jesus: Was It a Fair Trial? Re-Enacting The Trial Of Jesus The Mysteries Of The […]

People Can’t Read These Days

Recently, news organizations like CNN, Huffington Post, and the Washington Post (among others) have been reporting on a study that appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The study was called, “Anger Toward God: Social-Cognitive Predictors, Prevalence, and Links With Adjustment to Bereavement and Cancer” and it includes atheists anger toward God. CNN’s […]

The Statesman vs. The Clown

So yesterday was the big debate between Delaware Senate candidates Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons. The debate has gotten a surprising amount of press for a race that seems all but decided. Despite Chris Coons’s unfortunate name he came into the debate up almost 20 points in the polls. It isn’t like this is an […]

The Jewish Protective Cloak of Ethnicity

Yesterday, I spent my blogging time writing up my Examiner article (because they pay the bills… well, not really… so contribute bitches). In any case, the article was about Helen Thomas’s remarks and the misunderstanding that followed. I am not going to defend Helen Thomas here; I leave that to the Examiner article. But I […]

Film Review: Severe Clear

There are many movies about war and films like Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and Full Metal Jacket are among the finest fiction Hollywood has produced dealing with the subject. Severe Clear is not just a film about war; it is a war on film. Before I get too far into this review, I have something that […]

A Tale of Two Religions

Last night I wrote a great blog for today’s Dangerous Talk continuing the whole South Park controversy. Then, I posted it to the Examiner page instead. So now I can talk about how ridiculous the Muslims are and the Catholics. Both religions are now feeling to the heat from the mainstream religious-ass-kissing media. The media […]

Atheist Group Allows Members To Molest Children

There is a terrible double standard going on in the world today. Could you imagine how society at large would respond if the headlines of the morning newspapers reported that the largest atheist group in the world had allowed members of their group to molest children? What if the atheist group used member donations to […]

Selective Campaigning and Cover-Ups

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article on Huffington Post by Roy Fitzgerald. The article was titled, “Should Richard Dawkins be Arrested for Covering up Atheist Crimes?” While there are many problems with this article, there is one issue in particular I want to talk about. Fitzgerald’s main focus is on Dawkins’s “selective campaigning” […]

The War on Journalism

All the big news stations have been talking about the White House’s war on Fox News, but that is only one battle. Obviously Fox News is a Republican tool used to spread propaganda in the name of news, but few realize that CNN is also a Republican tool used to spread propaganda in the name […]

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