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The Problem With Liberals

Fox News is good at one thing and it is distorting the truth and flat out lying. As a Lib and a moral person, I like to bitch and complain about this; however the sad fact is that it works. Poll after poll has shown that Fox News viewers are generally misinformed about the events of the day.

The problem with Liberals is that we just too damn honest. Yeah, that’s right we don’t know how to lie to win. Maybe we should.

Maybe we should plant a story in the blogosphere that during the last Republican debate, all of the candidates on the stage left out “under God” when pledging allegiance to the flag. This is easy to disprove because there is video of the debates, but so what? No one is going to fact check this. The media is too damn lazy for that. Let’s fake some outrage.

Is this immoral? Yes, but it will also serve as an interesting experiment on our media and on Republican voters. It is an absurd and meaningless story. The reality is that it makes no practical difference if the candidates “omitted” god or not and we all know that all the candidates are super religious. Interestingly enough, I am pretty sure that they don’t even say the pledge at the debates.

Hey, we can make it more interesting if we say that Jon Huntsman was the only one who did say “under God” and see if that make Republicans more likely to vote for him. We can see if he actually moves up in the polls. So let’s spread this meme around the internets and see what happens.

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