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People Can’t Read These Days

Recently, news organizations like CNN, Huffington Post, and the Washington Post (among others) have been reporting on a study that appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The study was called, “Anger Toward God: Social-Cognitive Predictors, Prevalence, and Links With Adjustment to Bereavement and Cancer” and it includes atheists anger toward God.

CNN’s headline for their story was, “Anger at God common, even among atheists.” The reporter didn’t seem to bother to actually read the fine print in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology article. As a result, the CNN headline is misleading.

But reporters aren’t the only lazy ones. Most people just read the headlines and as a result conclude that the study shows that atheists are angry with God. Even when I wrote an article on this topic for the Atheism 101 Section, I found that a lot of people couldn’t get past the headline.

Even though my article was titled in the form of a question, many people just assumed an answer and attacked the article before even reading it. My article was titled, “Are atheists angry with God?” The reasoning for my title is that it is part of the Atheism 101 series for religious people to learn answer to questions they have and for some atheists to learn how to deal with questions that are asked of them by religious people.

But it really is frustrating when people write comments about the article what simply don’t make sense if they actually took a moment to skim through the article (they don’t even have to really read it). It is just pure laziness. ARRRR!!!!

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  • Lxndr

    Oh, people *can* read these days. They just won’t.

    Which, of course, the body of your article states.

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  • http://uzzas.blogspot.com/ uzza

    I don’t know why you say people can’t read, when they have to read to know what you’re saying. Look at me, I read all six of your words and I didn’t have any trouble.

  • Issa

    It’s not just news articles. I am having the smae problem with work related emails. People often just read the subject line and maybe the first sentence and respond to that. It doesn’t seem to faze them how unprofessional it makes them look when they respond without reading the whole email. I get so frustrated.

  • http://thebrunettesblog.wordpress.com Ginny

    Hm. Perhaps we bloggers and article-writers should include a code word that any commenter has to use in order to be taken seriously. Just embedded somewhere in the article: “to prove that you have actually read this, include the word “stigma” in your response.” Of course eventually people will catch on and we’ll have to get more subtle, but it could work.